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29 September 2020

Create service jobs on the go with simPRO Mobile

Announcements Product Update | 2 minute read

simPRO Mobile now gives you even more control in the field by allowing you to create a service job while in the Service Module. Save time jumping between modules, create a job on the go and clock on straight away.

New Service Jobs are just a tap away

Need to create a new job while out of the office? Take it into your own hands and create a job by clicking the + NEW JOB button within the Service Module of simPRO Mobile. Easily clock on, add parts, complete your work, upload a photo and send an invoice right from the palm of your hand.

assign jobs illustration

Assign jobs to yourself, or your teammates

Can’t fit a job into your schedule? No problem. Easily assign any job created in simPRO Mobile to another member of your team.

Add a service fee

Last minute jobs can mean you need to add a service or call-out fee. This can easily be added when creating a job in simPRO Mobile. Simply add an amount in the associated field.

Need guidance with these improvements?

We’re here to help you get the most out of simPRO Mobile, including all of our new features and improvements.

The Learning Toolbox

The Learning Toolbox is a FREE online training platform for all simPRO clients and their staff. The materials are interactive, self-paced and can be used to help upskill staff on the new Mobile feature. Start learning here or request access to simPRO's Learning Toolbox.

The Help Guide

The Help Guide includes articles and videos on the new workflows for simPRO Mobile. You can visit the Help Guide here, or navigate to it from anywhere in simPRO.

On-site and online training

If you’re looking for additional assistance on simPRO Mobile, simPRO’s Implementation Consultants can provide on-site and online training for your team. You can access training by contacting support.

Download the latest simPRO Mobile update from Google Play or the Apple App Store today!

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