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17 September 2021

Your Ideas - We Are Listening - simPRO's September Release is All About You

Product Update | 6 minute read

Have you been keeping up with all the latest simPRO happenings? Read on to find out about our September updates, including:

Lots of things have been ticking away in the background this month at simPRO. Our developers have been working hard on a few items that have been highly requested by YOU via our simPRO ideas portal. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the new features and enhancements that have been released during the month of September and shine the spotlight on some of the amazing ideas that have been submitted.

Bulk Unlock Cost Centres in a Project

Does your company use multiple Cost Centres when working on a project? Previously, the only way to unlock a cost centre was by opening it and clicking the unlock option. Doing this to large jobs requires a lot of manual work. Some companies have multiple cost centres that they need to select per project and often need to adjust cost centres as the job progresses, which previously wasn’t possible. However, thanks to the latest update, you no longer have to open each cost centre to unlock it. Instead, you can now select multiple cost centres and unlock all of them in a single action, provided they are not invoiced! So, if your company is handling large projects and multiple cost centres, this update is for you.

Invoices with overdue stamps and paid stamps on them

Set Recurring Invoice Dates

Does your company send out recurring invoices for maintenance and servicing? You now have the ability to set the date an invoice is issued, essentially setting up recurring invoices by choosing from either the current date, or the next period start date. You can also easily save manual inputs and forward date customer invoices. Learn more about the set up by checking out the help guide.

simPRO Ideas Portal badge as voted by you

Show Paid/Overdue Stamps on Invoices

Need to grab the attention of a customer who is taking forever to pay their bill? Or simply want to add a nice bright reminder on an invoice to show that it has been paid? Thanks to the latest update, you can now add an overdue stamp to a standard PDF as well as your form builder invoice templates. Additionally, instead of manually indicating whether an invoice is paid on a form builder invoice, you can now also use the new fields to automatically generate a ‘paid’ stamp to appear on an invoice prior to sending it out. This will save you time and energy manually entering data and also grab the attention of your customers to let them know at a glance whether they need to action a payment.

Add Reverse Charge Tax and Payment Terms to Invoices (UK and Ireland)

Located in the United Kingdom or Ireland? This one’s for you. Keep up with tax legislation by making sure your invoices and forms are compliant. In addition to PDF templates for forms, you can now customise your Form Builder templates to display reverse charge tax so that your customers and contractors understand their VAT obligations. You can also include payment terms on your form builder templates to remind your customers of the financial terms of the invoice.

simPRO Ideas Portal badge as voted by you

View Cumulative Totals of Unpaid Invoices

Need to work out the total amount a customer owes across multiple invoices or check the total amount of invoices owed on a particular project? Or maybe someone has snatched your trusty calculator from your desk again, and the idea of opening a spreadsheet and manually entering the totals seems like a massive waste of your valuable time. Thanks to the latest update, you can now quickly and easily view a sum total of selected unpaid invoices in the unpaid invoices table. Simply check the box on the left hand side of the invoices you want to count, scroll down to the bottom of the table and you’ll find your invoice sum totals. What a great idea - quick and easy, just like that.

Unassigned Stock Report Filtering and Reporting Enhancements

Enhance your purchasing power! Does your company need to forecast future purchases? Are current reporting options just not cutting it for your requirements? We’ve made some improvements to the Unassigned Stock Report. Firstly, we’ve changed the name to ‘Stock Required’. Secondly, this report now allows you to choose to include open and approved quotes in the report results, as well as improved filters that allow you to filter for both supplier and manufacturer. These updates allow you to forward plan stock purchases so you can have a better understanding of your stock pipeline and know when it’s time to negotiate a better deal from your suppliers.

Access Lead Conversions Data

Do you want to optimise reporting on your sales team, lead sources and quote conversions? BI Reporting has undergone an update to allow you to do just that. You can now generate a leads converted quote table for increased visibility on what leads have been converted into a quote. You can also generate the report per salesperson/lead source so you have more awareness over your team and their performance, helping you make informed decisions for your business.

Computer monitor with weather widget forecast and geotagging

Update Your Location and View Weather Forecasts

The weather widget update…we know, we know...it’s been a while, but it's finally here! Quickly and easily set your location, either by allowing simPRO to view your location or by manually searching for your city, town and state. Finally, you will be welcomed by today’s weather (in your weather widget bar) and if clicked, a more detailed forecast of the next few days will appear in a drop-down box. Scheduling your field staff for jobs that are dependent on weather conditions just got a whole lot easier - weather permitting.

Listening to our customers is really important to us, we want to make simPRO work for you and your business. If you have any ideas about which features should be added next, have some improvement suggestions, or just want to see ideas other customers are bringing to our attention, head to our Ideas Portal.

What else is new in simPRO?

With every release, there are slight improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for September in our Help Guide for 21.3.5 and 21.3.6 (available from Saturday 23rd September AEST).

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