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30 October 2020

Send POs directly to L&H and a new way to keep tabs on overdue invoices

Announcements Product Update | 2 minute read

At simPRO, we know how useful it is to have your suppliers at your fingertips. In our latest update to simPRO, we have launched an enhancement to our wholesale integration with leading electrical supplier Lawrence & Hanson (L&H). This means you can now send Purchase Orders directly from simPRO, plus we have a new alert to notify you of your customer’s overdue invoices. Both of these exciting enhancements will start reflecting simPRO builds from Sunday November 1st.

Send Purchase Orders directly to Lawrence & Hanson without leaving simPRO

L&H and simPRO composition

Available in Australia only.

Customers of Lawrence & Hanson have already been taking advantage of our wholesale integration to automatically sync supplier catalogues and invoices. Now, we are excited to announce a further enhancement that allows you to send your Purchase Orders directly through to your Lawrence & Hanson system via simPRO.

Send POs quicker and easier

Streamlining this process not only saves you time, it also reduces the chance for user error, ensuring your orders are more accurate than ever. This means your local L&H branch receives your order in their system faster too!

ED logo with plus icon

Electrical Distributors (ED’s)

Since ED Electrical Distributors are a part of the L&H Group, customers of ED Electrical Distributors in Western Australia can also take advantage of this enhanced wholesale integration and send your POs directly from simPRO.

simPRO overdue invoices notification

A new alert for overdue invoices

It’s important to be able to easily identify when your clients have an overdue invoice, and thanks to a user posting in the simPRO Ideas Portal, we have now made it even clearer.

Now when you are creating a new job for a customer, if they have any overdue invoices, a warning will display instantly! This will occur as soon as any invoices are past the due date.

This gives you the ability to chase up the overdue funds before booking in any more work with that customer, ensuring that you keep on top of your cash-flow. It also provides more transparency for the right members of your team within simPRO.

What else is new in simPRO?

With every release, there are slight improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for 20.4.3 in our Help Guide. This will be available from Saturday the 31st of October AEST.

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