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13 September 2019

Optimise staff learning and development with this checklist

Business Advice | 3 minute read

So you’ve hired a new staff member. What should you do next?

A comprehensive introduction to your business is a critical piece of the hiring process, especially in a job-seekers market such as the trades industry. The introduction to your company should be comprised of two different sections - induction and onboarding.

An induction will teach staff about your business while also laying the groundwork for increased staff retention, productivity and morale. Taking the time to induct your staff correctly will also bring them up to speed with workplace health and safety training and company processes and systems.

A thorough onboarding process will then form the knowledge base for your employees to perform their job to the highest standard now and into the future.

Take a look at the checklist below to help you design the best induction and onboarding process for your workplace.



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Essential details of your new employee

  • Record essential details of your new employee including:
    • Superannuation account
    • Bank account
    • Tax file number
    • Emergency contacts

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Introduction to your business

  • Welcome from the leadership team
  • Introduce your new staff member to other employees including their:
    • Manager
    • Supervisor/s
    • Co-worker/s
    • Health and safety representative/s
    • Fire and emergency warden/s

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Company Culture

  • Business structure and history
  • Company values
  • Code of conduct
  • Commitment to customer service

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Procedures and policies

  • Shift etiquette - work hours and break times
  • Staff code of conduct
  • Employee amenities and services
  • Leave/absence processes
  • Leave entitlements
  • Pay details, pay rate and overtime
  • Probation period

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Work health and safety

  • Safe work practises
  • Field service safety procedures
  • Work health and safety legislation
  • Hazards and risks in your workplace
  • Special equipment such as personal protective equipment
  • Emergency procedures
    • Emergency exits
    • Evacuation instructions and assembly points
    • Fire alarms, fire equipment
    • First and emergency contacts
  • Details about any training you have planned for new staff members

Depending on the role, there may be specific work health and safety training obligations your staff need to meet. As an employer, you are obliged to ensure the training of your staff is up-to-date.

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Provide necessary equipment

  • Uniforms
  • Email address
  • Computer access
  • Phone/ tablet
  • Vehicle


Once you've got your team into the business, it's important to continue their development throughout their career with you.

To better acquaint new staff with the responsibilities of their role, and to provide opportunities for progression, it's a great idea to have an onboarding process.

Onboarding staff, however, is notably different from inducting them. It is a deeper, more focused learning which aims to develop a more solid understanding of certain systems and workflows as crucial components of one's responsibilities.

At simPRO, we have developed a free online Learning | Toolbox to help you get your team up-to-speed on our latest features and tools quickly and efficiently.

With an easy-to-use search function and a catalogue with over 140+ interactive learning materials, your team will be mastering your service software in no time.

You might also be interested in, 3 simPRO tools you can use to onboard staff faster.

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