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7 October 2021

IoT Feature Spotlight: 2021 Updates

Product Update | 3 minute read

To help you keep up-to-date with everything that’s been happening with simPRO IoT, we’ve compiled a list of the enhancements completed throughout 2021.

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Internet of Things in various building concept illustration

Automatic Data Updates in simPRO IoT

simPRO updates reflected in simPRO IoT records: The asset, customer and site information in simPRO IoT will now automatically update when corresponding records are saved in simPRO.

simPRO IoT dashboard with information of customers, assets and sites

simPRO IoT User Access

Manage your IoT users: simPRO IoT Admins can now manage the IoT users from within the simPRO build. Admins can disable and re-enable simPRO IoT access for the user in their corresponding employee cards in simPRO.

simPRO IoT account setting page

Attribution Simplification

More freedom for yourself and your end-customer: Your customers now have the liberty to add/edit sites, assets and sensor server attributes in simPRO IoT without needing to contact the IoT Admin*. IoT Admins can also download attributes and share with customers for clarification.

*Permissions will need to be applied to enable the editing of attributes.

Notifications and Alerts

Notification options: You can now choose the information you want to be notified about and receive pop-up notifications in simPRO IoT as soon as the trigger occurs. This update reduces the risk of missing an alert and speeds up the response time for alerts that require urgent action.

simPRO IoT pop-up notification

View alerts: Know when to take swift action with the new alert icon. Be notified and quickly view any active alarms, failed jobs, emails or SMS notifications via the icon in the top right hand corner.

simPRO IoT active alert icon

Automatic alarm clearing: Tired of manually acknowledging alarms? You no longer need to. Simply get in touch with us and we can help you automatically acknowledge the alarm and clear the alarm once the job has been completed.

Alarm severity reflected in response time: Easily prioritise jobs by setting appropriate response times based on the severity of alarms.

Telemetry Report and Job Creation

Capture detailed data of each sensor: Want to better understand the data you capture? Now you can download the telemetry history of specific sensors based on customer name, site name, asset or sensor. You can also select multiple assets and analyse them together.

Job included: Now the system can record telemetry data against jobs where IoT assets are included in simPRO. Telemetry data recorded in IoT is pushed across to simPRO and recorded against the relevant asset in the job.

Manual job creation: Don’t want to automatically create a job every time a fault occurs? No worries! Now you have the option to manually create a job in simPRO when an alarm is acknowledged. You can also choose to have a mixture of manual and automatic job creation based on alarm type.


Connect your software to simPRO IoT: With IoT API, you can import data from simPRO IoT to selected software. Ask our staff to help you!

Learn more about the improved IoT experience via the simPRO Help Guide.

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