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21 January 2020

Customer Growth Drives Expansion of simPRO Sales and Support Team in NZ

Announcements | 4 minute read

In 2020 we're expanding our operations in New Zealand to increase our on the ground support for customers and interested businesses across the North and South Island.

The simPRO customer base grew extensively in 2019 and, as a result, so did the demand for our trainers, business development managers and support staff.

Our users are looking for more support and we're so excited to be stepping up to the challenge of delivering it across all of our teams.

Improving resources for South Island customers

To start, we're doubling the size of our sales team by expanding our operations in the South Island.

We've appointed a new Business Development Manager (BDM) and Implementation Consultant, who will both be based in Christchurch. These new team members will specialise in supporting our customers as they transition to a simPRO solution.

So, who are the two new simPEEPs that will be helping our South Island simPRO users and buyers?

Elliot Newton is our new BDM supporting customers in Christchurch and surrounds.

With plenty of experience in senior sales roles in the electrical industry, Elliot brings a wealth of knowledge that will see him add real value to simPRO's South Island customer base and partner networks. Outside of work Elliot enjoys training for triathlons, travelling with his wife and is a die-hard Liverpool fan!

The other new face guiding our customers on their simPRO journey is Implementation Consultant, Kristen.

A passionate educator and digital software expert, Kristen will be setting our customers up for success by providing personalised training. Working one-on-one with new users, she will assist them in aligning their existing systems to the streamlined processes in simPRO to help them achieve more time-saving workflows. Outside of helping customers smoothly move to an end-to-end operations management solution, Kristen loves to mountain bike, learn Spanish and is even trying her hand at fly fishing.

Growing Sales Team to better reach interested customers

Sales Manager Milan Kumar is also expanding his team so that we can better accommodate interested buyers in regional areas, and provide support to the NZ team on a more national level.

Joining his team is BDM Charles Hunter.

Having worked locally for over 10 years in the services and technology industries, Charles will also bring some international sales experience to the team, thanks to his time working for brands in Australian and the United Kingdom. He will be supporting our customers from Wellington to the Taupo territory.

Simon Carter is another new BDM joining the Auckland based team.

With a background in the electrical sector, Simon certainly knows his way around a switchboard. Except now he's using that knowledge to help our customers get the systems they need to automate and better manage their workflows.

Bringing experience in both trade services and technology, the new-look sales team is ready to support a broader range of needs for existing customers, and those interested in bringing on simPRO. They'll be working alongside our existing BDM in the Auckland head office, Shafraz Ashraf who has been with simPRO for over four years.

Scaling support for our customers with new and expanded teams

simPRO NZ team

Finally, the peak of our 2020 commitment to improving customer experience is the creation of a new team dedicated exclusively to just that!

The recently established Customer Experience team, comprising of Dave Noyer and Reshmi Nand, will focus on ensuring our customers have the right support and information to get the most out of their simPRO experience.

This new team will be lead by Implementation Team Leader Adam Price, who also provides direction and guidance to our team of training professionals across New Zealand.

A solid implementation and ongoing training process assists simPRO users in building workflows that will support them for years to come and enable them to scale their business.

For this reason, we feel it's important to increase the support on the ground for all of our customers. By continuing to grow our team of Implementation Consultants (ICs), we are able to provide even more opportunities for new and old users when it comes to training.

With these latest additions, our team of ICs now includes Melanie, Izolde, Rodante, Carl, Kristen and planner Tracey.

Our local Support Team are on hand to help you achieve the best results

With all the new additions, simPRO's training and sales options have never looked better - but don't forget about our Customer Support team that's available online and over the phone!

Team Leader Jian Wu has built a dedicated team that is ready and available to help you, with six locally based agents that are available between 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday (NZST).

If over the phone isn't your style, there are plenty of other ways you can reach out to us for help:

And let’s not overlook our fantastic Administration Team lead by Office Manager Libby Tetley, that is ensuring our teams are running efficiently so that we can provide the best support you.

On the expansion, simPRO's General Manager Ricky Sevta has expressed that it's an exciting time for simPRO.

"Our dedication to our customers and their needs is absolute. This expansion is a natural progression of our commitment to supporting trade service businesses within New Zealand."

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