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24 July 2020

Automatically change the status of archived quotes

Announcements Product Update | 2 minute read

At simPRO we’re passionate about maintaining the quality of your simPRO experience and ensuring everything is running in tip-top shape. To achieve this we perform regular updates packed with performance improvements, handy new features and enhancements to current functionality.

This update (20.3.2), which will start rolling out to your system on Sunday, July 26th is full of performance improvements and also includes a brand new Automatic Trigger feature to assist you with Quotes. We have also included an enhancement to Gas Safety Certificates to align with UK gas safety legislation.

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A new Automatic Trigger for Archiving Quotes

Even though we may wish otherwise, not every quote turns into a job. When quotes are archived, it's important that the status of that quote changes so it's clear for your entire team.

In the latest update we have introduced a new Automatic Trigger for Quotes, so that the status of a Quote will change automatically when it is archived. This not only saves manual input, but also ensures Quote Status, Quote List, and Quote Activity Reports provide more clear overviews and more relevant information.

Earlier this year we enhanced the functionality of Status Codes in simPRO. Now is a great time to review your Status Codes and ensure they are functioning in the best way to suit your business needs. For more information on how to set up statuses, visit the Help Guide.

CP12 certificate icon in a blue circle

An update to CP12 Gas Certificate Expiry Dates

UK Customers Only

We have made some enhancements in simPRO to ensure your records remain compliant and accurate in response to the adjustments in UK legislation around Gas Safety Certificates.

This improvement will ensure you can reflect an early appliance inspection within simPRO and know that the correct expiry date for the certificate is reflected automatically.

We have added a certificate expiry date field to the current CP12 Landlord Gas Safety Certificate. This will populate a date using the below rules depending on the date it was tested.

  • If the service is performed within the 2 months prior, or on the system service level due date, then the certificate expiry date will be 12 months from the system service level due date.
  • If the service is performed outside of the 2 month period then the certificate expiry date will be 12 months from the date the service was performed.

This improvement is exclusive to the Maintenance Planner add-on.

What else is new in simPRO?

With every release, there are slight improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for 20.3.2 in our Help Guide. This will be available on Saturday, July 25th AEST.

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