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5 Ways to Keep Your Technicians Happy

2nd Oct 2019

We often hear our customers say that one of their top business goals is to create an environment where staff WANT to come to work. A large part of that staff includes field technicians.

In addition to completing service work, technicians also have to assist with administrative tasks such as recording job details, and communicating with other technicians and office staff. If you want your company to be a place where technicians want to come to work, use software tools to make their lives easier.

Here are five ways you can keep your technicians happy:

Communicate clearly and often

1. Communicate clearly and often

Miscommunication can cause mistakes and frustration within a business. Use software tools that allow you to provide information to technicians in real-time. With scheduling, dispatching, and field mobility tools, you can automate the process to notify technicians of their schedule and other important job details and avoid the misinformation and confusion that often occurs with manual communication.

Keep workflows and job details organized

2. Keep workflows and job details organised

An unorganised business can add unnecessary stress to a technician’s job. Put your technicians at ease by organising job details in a consistent manner. Technicians should be able to confidently locate the information they need to do a job in a way that is accessible and consistent. Also, the better organised your process for assigning jobs and sharing work details, the less time you’ll have to spend re-explaining information that could be easily housed in one place.

Automate time-consuming tasks

3. Automate time-consuming tasks

What are some of those tasks that, while simple, often take up unnecessary time? Clocking in on a job? Relaying project status to office staff or customers? With field service management software tools, you can automate a majority of your manual tasks to make life easier and more simple for technicians as well as everyone else on staff. The less time your technicians are spending on manual data entry, the more time they can spend working on jobs and projects in the field they enjoy.

Give technicians opportunities to take ownership

4. Give technicians opportunities to take ownership

Think about it from your own perspective. Whenever you take ownership over a project, whether at work or at home, you feel increased responsibility and passion about completing that project to the best of your ability. Give your technicians that opportunity by providing the tools for them to own their tasks. Mobile apps for field technicians, such as simPRO Mobile, help technicians work smarter in the field with tools for recording job details, creating professional quotes to upsell, and much more.

Show appreciation

5. Show appreciation!

We all like to feel appreciated. Don’t forget to let your technicians (as well as everyone on your team!) know when they’ve done a good job. Make a point to recognise when they’ve gone above and beyond in their work. It’s important to give regular, constructive feedback so your technicians know you care about the work they do beyond the money they generate.

Let us help you keep your staff happy! Visit the simPRO website to find software solutions that can help you with communication, organisation, and efficiency to keep your technicians happy and your business running smoothly.