5 Steps to Successfully Manage Change

Wednesday, June 3rd icon

Wednesday, June 3rd

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11:30 AM MST

Don’t try to implement a new process or system in your business without a strategy! Join our webinar to learn how you can successfully manage change to make implementation easier for you and for your staff.

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Here is what you will learn

How to help your staff smoothly transition to new processes

What to do when staff are resistance to change

How to set goals to keep implementation efforts on track

How simPRO has helped hundreds of trade contracting businesses implement new software

About the Speaker


David Meares

simPRO Implementation Consultant

David Meares has many years of experience in helping field service businesses and their staff implement software and transition to new processes. He has consulted for businesses of various sizes and various trades all over the United States, and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to managing change.

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