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How SIMPRO will help your business

A complete security company software for your business

From quoting single jobs to managing recurring maintenance, keep your security business running smoothly with Simpro’s range of solutions.

Effortless tracking product composition
Effortless tracking

Manage services, schedule field staff, create detailed quotes and simplify job management at every stage. Know exactly how much inventory you have for a job and how much the job should cost, all while making real-time updates when timing or costs change. When it’s complete, easily and quickly get the invoice to the customer so that you get paid faster.

Easy project management product composition
Easy project management

Ready to lock out the competition? Our field service project management software can make sure each of your jobs moves along as planned. Keep projects on track with overview dashboards, Gantt charts and comprehensive reports. When projects look like they may fall behind or over budget, easily and immediately make necessary changes. With security company software, you'll never fall behind on a project again.

Get a bird’s eye view product composition
Get a bird’s eye view

Discover key insights with detailed reports to manage financial, workforce, inventory, customer and contract data. See where your business is most profitable and unlock growth potential with detailed and automated reports. Our robust reporting tool provides insights into your financial position including Profit/Loss, Sales Invoices, Monthly Breakdown and Aged Receivables; allows you to track project budgets at any stage; and automatically delivers the reports you most want to your inbox.


Manage your security jobs and business from start to finish

Take the guesswork out of job costing

Easily break down labor and material costs and quickly create, update, send and schedule quotes for your security work.

  • Customizable quotes

    Simplify the estimating process with cloud-based software that connects quoting to job management. Use online quote acceptance for quick approvals, and then convert the accepted quote into a single or recurring job. If a quote isn’t accepted, you can archive it for sales performance and conversion reporting.

  • Create fast and accurate take offs

    Using the Takeoffs add-on, simply upload a plan, set your scale and start drawing. Takeoffs has all the features you need, including the smart symbol recognition tool, to produce fast and accurate takeoffs from anywhere.

  • Supplier Pricing

    Get supplies at the best price by syncing supplier catalogs. Easily group catalog items together according to their product line or functional type, and assign them to a job or project with the click of a button. Request multiple vendors’ pricing at the same time and see them side-by-side for a simple price comparison.

  • Easy labor calculations

    Use set labor rates to calculate labor efficiency and time allowances. Use job difficulty ratings and view estimated labor to make sure each job is delivering profit.

  • Track estimated vs actual

    Forecast costs to track spending against your estimated budget. Quickly adjust your current budget to account for any changes.

Quickly order stock, achieve inventory control and improve warehouse management.

  • Manage stock in the field

    Avoid last minute trips to the wholesalers by pre-allocating stock to a job or ordering ahead of time.

  • Get alerts

    Avoid running out of materials with alerts to notify you when your stock levels run low. Allow for delivery delays and get notifications when parts arrive, then easily transfer inventory from the warehouse to a van.

  • Digital stock audits

    Get an accurate picture of how much stock you have in storage from your desktop or mobile device. Restock from your purchase orders or other storage locations for quick materials management.

Optimize your asset management process to improve efficiency, reduce costs and build strong, long-lasting customer relationships.

  • Make every Security Contract profitable

    • Know which contracts are making or costing you money. Assign asset maintenance work to a customer contract and report separately on contract profitability vs. customer profitability.
    • Fine-tune contract profitability on large volume or complex contracts with the Maintenance Planner add-on. Adjust service levels and pre-build charge rates, adjust for inflation and even apply rate overrides for sites where asset testing is more complicated.

  • Provide outstanding customer service

    • Know everything about every asset you maintain. Build a database of all customer assets, including basic details, test readings and attachments.
    • Build better business relationships by sending the technician best suited to the job . Add a preferred technician to a customer or site, or those with the right skills for specific asset types or service level, and they will be automatically assigned to the relevant jobs.

  • Accelerate your asset testing with Simpro Mobile

    • Reduce testing times and improve data accuracy. Scan a barcode or QR code to find the right record, view and reuse test history and notes, or conduct a new asset test, with all data saved back into Simpro Premium.
    • Replacing or installing an asset? Create and test new assets straight from the job or quote to save back office administration.

Quickly schedule staff, efficiently manage teams and organize equipment for security jobs.

Say goodbye to long admin hours and time-consuming double handling. Choose from various scheduling options to maximize the efficiency of your field service management processes. With security company software, you'll have a full view of where your staff is at all times without the need for spreadsheets and whiteboards.

  • Team management

    Easily bulk schedule teams and their equipment to jobs. Send automatic reminders and notifications to customers and staff to keep everyone informed.

  • Track time

    Pull the Schedule Comparison report to compare your team member’s actual results to the originally scheduled timeframe and understand the details and costs of each schedule with the Schedule Breakdown report. And using the Simpro Mobile add-on, staff can easily clock in and out with Simpro Mobile while in the field.

  • Fleet tracking

    Advance your field service scheduling capabilities with Simpro’s fleet tracking add-on, Simtrac, to provide a clear view of your team’s location at all times. See which field staff are available for new jobs and calculate the distance between them and the site.

  • Schedule maintenance

    Easily schedule preventive maintenance jobs, create alerts for asset failures and automate job creation with Maintenance Planner. Bulk-schedule multiple field staff members and equipment. No more schedule conflicts.

Easily track security service work from a desktop in the office or a mobile device while in the field.

  • On-site job management

    Staff can access site history, job notes, attachments and other important information on the job.

  • Boost communication

    Ensure staff and customers are always up to date with automated appointment reminders, unpaid invoice notices and job completion notifications via email or text, using the SMS add-on. Plus keep staff in the loop by using desktop alerts.

  • Job costing

    Manage billable and non-billable parts, labor, contractors and equipment. Know where your costs sit with every job no matter what stage of the project you are in.

  • Progress tracking

    Track jobs from start to finish with real-time updates and syncing between office and field. Reassign tasks when other staff become available and see where costs, invoicing and payments sit.

Save time with easy invoice generation and payment processes for your security business.

  • Payment flexibility

    Keep cash flowing by accepting payment from the office via the Customer Portal or use the Simpro Mobile add-on to collect payment in the field using a payment integration provider.

  • Create invoices on-site

    Once you’re ready to invoice the customer, simply review the job and generate the type of invoice you want. The sell prices calculated on the job will appear on the invoice, without the need for manual data entry. Avoid billing the wrong amount by setting internal invoice approvals so information can be reviewed before being sent out. Want a consistent look for your invoices? Use a PDF invoice template to create a branded layout.

  • Integrate with your accounting solutions

    Export invoices from Simpro into your existing accounting software for streamlined accounts receivable management.

  • Recurring payments

    Set up automatic invoicing and payment processing for recurring jobs. Never worry about remembering when bills are paid and keep your cash flowing.

Quickly collate important data, customize and schedule reports and gain invaluable insights into your security business.

  • Standard reports

    Access over 70 reports for all aspects of your security business in Simpro Premium.

  • Schedule reports

    Schedule reports to be emailed to managers or those that need to be in the loop on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Discover trends as they happen with actionable information from reports such as Job Productivity, Sales Invoices and Cost to Complete.

  • Financial reports

    Manage financial performance with reports that provide actionable insights into your financial position.

  • Workforce reports

    Measure how your team is working with job and labor productivity reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it does! Simpro Mobile takes your favorite Simpro features to the field. It allows your field staff to track jobs, accept payment on the go and easily communicate with your staff in the office. Find out more about Simpro Mobile.

Whether it’s a call-out job, recurring maintenance or a major project, Simpro has a solution. Plus, it automates tedious tasks, collects data and provides insights with comprehensive reports. With all this at your fingertips, you’ll save time and money as well as focus on making strategic decisions to drive your business forward.

To get the most out of Simpro in your security business, we recommend purchasing the following add-ons to gain even more functionality:

  • Data Feed
  • Maintenance Planner
  • Digital Forms
  • Takeoffs

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