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simTRAC GPS fleet tracking

Gain visibility of your fleet, schedule smarter and optimise with data insights with simTRAC

Unlock the power of complete end-to-end field service management with vehicle tracking

No more wasted time spent scrambling to locate vehicles and field staff with simTRAC, fleet tracking software by simPRO.

simTRAC is a real-time GPS fleet tracking solution that can be used stand alone or in connection with simPRO’s cloud-based job management software for end-to-end field service management.


See who’s near the next job and adapt your job scheduling on the go.


Create reports on vehicle speeds, idle time and travel time.


Integrate with your current system using the simTRAC API.

Elevate your scheduling and dispatching with simPRO's vehicle tracking system

Use simTRAC to quickly identify and schedule the nearest field staff member to a job and keep customers informed of their arrival time.


Define perimeters in the field and set up alerts to inform you every time one of your vehicles enters or exits those perimeters.

Travel replays

View replays of fleet movements over a specified period of your choice on demand. Track vehicle turn off location and activities via icons on map.

Live GPS tracking

Know who is using which vehicle when, monitor vehicle movement in real time and track vehicle history and information.

Enhance the security of vehicles and the safety of drivers

With 4G LTE capability, simTRAC allows you to take control of your vehicles. Hold drivers accountable no matter where they are with 4G LTE capability. Stay on top of things with live GPS tracking for quick response in the case of breakdown, accident or emergency.

See travel time and costs with comprehensive fleet reports

Collect valuable data with simTRAC then create reports and schedule them to be delivered to your inbox periodically. Report on travel time, on-site time, vehicle speeds and idle time for visibility into travel costs, timesheets and vehicle efficiency.

"Like every other business owner, I trust my guys. I don't have reason to question them. But the benefits that come with simTRAC are phenomenal. It has so many advantages and for people that are reluctant to use it I would strongly urge them to consider it."

Ian Lucas, Lucas & Sons

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With five different support channels and local teams around the globe, simPRO ensures you receive the highest level of support.

Unlock growth potential.

Trade up, with simPRO.

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