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simPRO training & implementation

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When you become a simPRO customer, you instantly receive a partner for success and ongoing support. Our Implementation Consultants give you and your team personalised guidance for a successful start with simPRO, as well as a foundation to last you for years to come.

Your simPRO journey: from initial set-up to software mastery

Getting started

It’s time to kick-start your journey to streamlined operations management. During this first stage, your Implementation Consultant will give you the tools to prepare for change, compile your business information and manage data entry.

To support you in this process, we have also created a self-paced online ‘Getting Started with simPRO’ course which is vital to complete before implementation.

The following tasks outlined by your Implementation Consultant will help you maximise the success of simPRO in your business.

Discovery and planning

The following steps will help your team develop a strategy to manage and prepare for the changes ahead:

  1. Outline the training plan and agenda
  2. Set goals, define milestones and outline responsibilities
  3. Designate employees and assign job duties
  4. Create an employee communication plan
  5. Map your current workflow processes

Preparing your system

In order for training to run smoothly, you must complete the following action items:

  1. Register for the Learning Toolbox (Our free online training platform)
  2. Complete the ‘Getting Started with simPRO’ course
  3. Review requirements to set up your system
  4. Participate in the remote ‘system set-up’ session
  5. Collect and import customer and vendor data


Completed prior to the implementation of simPRO.

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On-site training

During on-site training, your Implementation Consultant will provide role-based training for your team based on your unique workflows and industry best practices.

In this phase, your team will learn the ins and outs of the software features and begin running operations on simPRO.

Setting the foundation

Explore the basics of simPRO including how to:

  • Navigate simPRO menu options
  • Create employee user accounts
  • Import vendor catalogues and inventory
  • Configure your statuses, alerts, and notifications
  • Set up simPRO Mobile
  • Integrate your accounting package
  • Create customer, vendor, and employee portal

Understanding your workflows

Train your office and field staff to:

  • Manage leads and customers
  • Create estimates and quotes
  • Build purchase orders
  • Automate scheduling and dispatching
  • Create invoices and bill through the system
  • Use simPRO Mobile features
  • Manage testing and quality assurance
  • Test functionality

Finalising new processes

  • Walk through the higher-level simPRO features:
  • Create and schedule reports (ex. WIP, Job Activity, Inventory Value, etc.)
  • Configure asset management
  • Establish tasks for progressive invoicing


This phase is typically completed in two on-site blocks of training, with frequent check-ins from your Implementation Consultant throughout the process.

User operating simPRO on a tablet, in a construction zone

Who should attend simPRO training?

We recommend critical stakeholders take part in simPRO online and onsite training courses. These stakeholders could include a variety of people depending on your business.

  • Owner, director, or manager: understand what your business will achieve with simPRO and how you can lead the transition.
  • simPRO Champion: identify, inform and empower your designated simPRO Champion to drive the implementation of the software.
  • Field staff representative: streamline the transition of simPRO into the field.
  • Human resources manager: identify potential training opportunities.
  • Bookkeeper or accounts manager: learn the required accounting preparation.
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Go live

Once you’ve completed implementation and training, you’re ready to ‘go live.’

Adopting a new system can be challenging in any business, that’s why simPRO’s support doesn’t stop once you go live. As you transition to running your business with simPRO, our ongoing resources and tools will help you and your team continue to upskill.

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Continual learning

Get the maximum value out of your investment and adapt simPRO to your growing business with our continual learning options.

Online training

Need extra help or advice implementing a new feature? Schedule a one-on-one online training session with a simPRO Implementation Consultant.

Onsite follow-up training

Implement new functionalities in your simPRO build and learn how to use the latest products with onsite follow-up training.

Self-paced learning

Upskill your employees, train new staff, learn about new features and optimise your workflows with the simPRO Learning Toolbox.

A software that grows with your business.

Trade up, with simPRO.

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