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12 February 2020

Why the new simPRO website matters to you

3 minute read

It’s bright, shiny and now live! Our new website has just launched and joined the worldwide web.

“But why now?” We hear you asking.

Well, you might have heard on the simPRO grapevine that we are updating the overall look and feel of our job management software. And, as part of this change to make our whole offering more user-friendly, we have given our long-standing website a facelift.

The question is, why should that matter to you?

It should matter...

...If you're interested in a simPRO product

While simPRO may act as a single source of truth in your business, there are actually more than a few products and partnerships that make up our complete operations management solution.

We offer a range of add-ons (like simTRAC, Maintenance Planner and eForms, to name a few) as well as integrations (like Xero or Square) to help your business run as efficiently as possible.

With this in mind, we have reorganised our site to make it easier for you to navigate and find the information you need about our products, quickly.

On top of that, we have also refreshed the content about our products on the website, giving you new insights and more information than ever!

New simPRO website screenshot displaying workflow solutions

For example: want to know more about Workflow Automation or a specific simPRO feature like Reporting? We've got you covered!

Our sleek new look makes it easier to drill down into our products and tools, meaning you can make more of simPRO and discover functionality you didn’t even know was on offer!

....If you want to stay up to date on simPRO

With a fortnightly release cycle and a consistent flow of new innovations, the simPRO blog on our website is designed to make it easy to access information and stay in the loop.

New simPRO website screenshot displaying the latest articles from the blog

It offers a wide range of content to all users. From the latest simPRO Updates, links to learning tools, and tips on to best use of simPRO, to industry news and business advice.

Psst...did you know there are actually a number of other ways you can keep up with us? You can:

  • Sign up for monthly eNews updates
  • Watch our videos across the site for a visual look at the products
  • Visit our Events and Webinars page to find out where we will be and when
  • Check out our Status page for system updates
  • Visit the Help Guide to drill down into processes and best practice.

...If you want to know how others are using simPRO to grow

As a simPRO customer, you are in good company.

We care about your experience, from understanding your specific business needs to ensuring that our tools will help you achieve your business goals.

But sometimes, the best insights for how to use your simPRO system comes from seeing how others are using the solution!

New simPRO website screenshot displaying a selection of available case studies

  • Our Case Studies page is full of wonderful stories from customers just like you, who have improved their business processes and scaled their business with simPRO. You can even filter by industry to see stories from other businesses in your field.

  • The industries section (located in the top navigation bar on the site) is a great way to look at how simPRO is relevant to businesses in your industry, and see the tools that will be most effective for your field.

Interested in seeing what all the fuss is about? Visit the simPRO website and start exploring.

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