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19 March 2020

Unveiling the new-look simPRO navigation

Announcements Product Update | 5 minute read

We’ve listened to your feedback. We’ve watched the way your staff use simPRO during training and implementation and we’ve studied the best-practices and trends adopted by the wider software industry.

Now, we are excited to unveil the next stage of our UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) improvement that will start rolling out next week. After your system has been updated to our latest release (20.1.6), you will receive an in-app alert to let you know that you can access the new-look simPRO.

The new menu navigation system makes it easier to onboard and upskill staff, and it provides faster navigation for experienced users to find their way around simPRO.

Jump between both looks

We have installed a toggle that allows you to switch between both interface options giving you and your team the chance to get familiar with our menu updates in a time that suits you and your busy schedule.

It is important to note that this toggle won’t be available forever, so jump in and ensure you become comfortable with the enhancements when you can.

simPRO screenshot new UI toggle 1

simPRO screenshot new UI toggle 2

A shift to a sidebar menu

simPRO screenshot Service Dashboard

For a more intuitive experience, we've shifted our menu so it resides on the left hand side of your screen in a vertical fashion.

The new layout allows you to navigate more quickly and provides more room for your data to display in each screen. This in turn increases visibility of your dashboard, job cards, schedules plus everything else you view within simPRO.

In the new menu you can access all of the same places that you’re used to such as People, Leads, Quotes, Jobs, Schedules, Materials, Invoices and Tasks. All of these selections now reside in our new menu!

New Icons

Take control of how you want your simPRO screen to look. With the new simPRO interface, you can toggle the visibility of menu labels based on what you prefer. Keep things minimal with just icons, or add in menu descriptions. And to ensure you have the best user experience on a small screen, the menu will automatically default to hide labels to make the most of the available space.

simPRO screenshot sidebar composition

Regardless of which label option you choose, the expanded menu that appears when you hover over a selection will still provide guidance on the sub-menu options available.

simPRO screenshot Materials flyout menu

simPRO screenshot People flyout menu

Extra focus on Documents, Utilities and Reports menus

We’ve placed the menus for Documents, Utilities and Reports near other key options in the sidebar to make them easier to find.

These menus help you quickly access your open documents, all of simPRO’s 60+ reports and extra utilities such as Customer Assets and Maintenance Planner, and Accounting Integrations.

An updated way to access alerts

It's not just our menu that has a neater look. We now have cleaner icons for Saved searches, simPRO’s VoIP Softphone, Alerts, the System, Account and Help Menus, as well as the Global Search bar.

Multi-task with ease

Quick links in the new menu provide an easy way to switch between tasks. We have moved them to the top of the screen so they are easier to locate.

Now in simPRO, they will be very evident in the top of your window with an icon to represent the feature. Next to the icon, you will see a tabbed list of currently open jobs, quotes, invoices and other open items.

simPRO screenshot tabs

Hovering over the label provides you with more information such as:

  • Jobs and Quotes - see the Customer and Site name
  • Purchase Orders - see Supplier and Reference
  • Invoices - see Customer name

Navigate between companies in Multi-Company builds

The Company Selector for those using simPRO’s Multi-Company feature has an updated and colour coded menu that sits towards the top of your window. Colours are also indicated on any open tabs, such as jobs and quotes.

simPRO screenshot company selector

simPRO screenshot comapny selection

simPRO screenshot multi-company

We’re here to help you

We are providing support and training to help your business and team adjust to these upcoming changes.

In addition to comprehensive updates to the Help Guide and Learning Toolbox and new Walk Me Through guidance in-app, we invite you to join us for a free Masterclass Webinar.

simPRO masterclass icon

Register now for the "Get to know the new-look simPRO" Masterclass Webinar

Our Learning & Development team will guide you through the key changes to the interface and workflows, as well as discuss the variety of learning materials we offer for additional self-learning.

Visit our Learning Events page to find out more and to register.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you changing the User Interface (UI)?

If we do not update simPRO every now and then, we risk falling behind the technology curve, and our system looking dated.

We are committed to enhancing the simPRO interface so that it can best help you run your business.

What if I don’t like the way everything looks now? Can my system be excluded from this change?

No, but you will be able to continue using both styles of our interface for a limited time.

We believe that providing a system that looks and works the same way as thousands of others is the most effective option for businesses.

If you or your team needs assistance with the new look, you can refer to our Help Guide and Learning l Toolbox. And when you ring our support desk, they can help you locate anything you struggle to find.

Will there be any changes to other simPRO solutions?

At the moment, these updates only apply to simPRO.

Will there be impacts to simPRO API / Third Party Integrations?

We do not anticipate any impacts on your external integrations.

Are there any more changes to the simPRO look and feel coming up?

We are conscious of the effort it takes to retrain the brain when your system changes. For now we are not planning additional changes to the menu navigation of simPRO. However, during 2020, we will be re-evaluating additional design elements to improve things like load times, and easier navigation.

If you are concerned about the impact these changes may have on your business, please reach out to your local simPRO team to discuss how we can help ease the impact on your team.

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