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26 September 2018

simPRO Learning | Toolbox: Learn anywhere, anytime

Product Update | 2 minute read

As simPRO grows, so too does our library of learning solutions and resources. It’s important to keep you in the loop with every solution that comes out so you and your team can be operating optimally when using simPRO - and our learning tools facilitate this.

simPRO Learning | Toolbox is our latest release and is an exciting update to the way you and your team can engage with our online learning content!

There is a variety of content to explore, designed to learn just-in-time on different simPRO product features or gain more extensive knowledge.

So, let’s break down some of the features of the simPRO Learning | Toolbox:

A variety of courses and materials

The simPRO Learning | Toolbox contains courses and materials. Courses contain content for understanding an entire topic, whereas materials are separate learning bites to focus on a particular part of a feature or workflow.

Making self-directed learning work for you: registration for learning resources

Whether you have just minutes to learn to better understand a workflow or function in simPRO, or embark on a course to gain more comprehensive knowledge of the functionality, the simPRO Learning | Toolbox can help you learn at your own pace, online anytime.

Simply register for a material or course in the ‘All Learning’ tab. The material or course you have registered is available under the ‘My Learning’ tab. You can start your learning, or navigate away from a course or material at any time with your progress saved automatically and able to be resumed at a later stage.

Learning review: using reports to view your progress

Within the simPRO Learning | Toolbox, users can view a complete list of all courses and materials they are registered in, and their progress. This is available in the Reports section, under the Learner Report Home Page subsection.

In addition to this, the transcript subsection allows users to view, and print, a summary of all completed learnings.

The simPRO Learning | Toolbox is an exciting way to engage team members continuous learning.. It is an easy-to-use and incredibly informative resource that improves users knowledge of simPRO’s solutions.

For more information about the new simPRO Learning | Toolbox check out the video below, and the help guide.

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