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21 January 2021

Take custom reporting to the next level with improved BI

Product Update | 2 minute read

Start the new year fresh with improved reporting thanks to greater functionality implemented in the latest simPRO update. simPRO’s BI Reporting functionality allows you to create detailed custom reports so you and your team can gain deeper insight and plan for the year ahead.

The latest update to simPRO will be rolling out from Sunday January 24th and includes:

3d Pie chart with each segment seperated

Do even more with BI Reports

Since introducing BI Reporting into simPRO, users across the world have been creating intuitive and visual reports to assist with decision making. In this update we have implemented multiple ideas suggested in the simPRO Ideas Portal relating to extra data and functionality that will enhance your BI Reporting experience.

The update includes new tables to make it easier to report on non-billable items, view mobile statuses as well as show asset test readings, failure points and recommendations. It also includes a brand new contacts table and gives users the ability to add customer tags to the customer table. To see the full list of updates to BI Reporting, check out the release notes linked below.

Filter with expiry dates on the Programmed Preventative Maintenance Report

Exclusive to the Maintenance Planner Add-on

A few months ago we introduced an improved version of our Programmed Preventative Maintenance Report, allowing you to see your asset testing history as well as future planned asset testing in one report. We have now added the ability to filter the results of this report to include or exclude tests due after the expiry date of the contract.

Certificate surrounded by different industry icons

Customise the Certificate of Maintenance form to suit your industry requirements

The Certificate of Maintenance form has been primarily used in simPRO for the fire industry. However, we have now updated the Forms Setup page to allow you to customise the introductions and declarations to suit a variety of industry safety requirements.

What else is new in simPRO?

With every release, there are slight improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for 21.1.2 in our Help Guide. This will be available from Saturday January 23rd AEST.

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