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17 July 2019

Strong Field Service Workflows With New simPRO Mobile Update

Product Update | 3 minute read

simPRO Mobile’s much anticipated Service module is here! The updated field service mobile app now provides complete workflow performance in the field for enhanced customer service.

Get your field technicians onto simPRO Mobile to perfectly complement your field service management software workflows.

In the coming weeks we will be sharing more information on the simPRO blog about the simPRO Mobile and the new Service module. But to start, let’s look at some of the questions we’re certain you are excited to have answered!

service module highlighted in simpro mobile

Who is the simPRO Mobile Service module for?

simPRO Mobile’s Service module maximises job visibility and efficiency for field service businesses. It is for field technicians carrying out service jobs or project work. The solution helps them work faster and smarter to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.

What’s new for mobile workforce management?

The latest release brings field service scheduling and job management workflows into simPRO Mobile.

simpro mobile workflow

Built on the latest technology, the new features go far beyond what has been available before in simPRO Mobile or Connect. The many highlights for the simPRO Mobile update include:

  • A simplified field service workflow
  • Seamless integration between simPRO Mobile modules
  • Real-time connectivity with robust offline capabilities
  • Review of full scheduling information, without opening a job
  • Visibility of all pending, progress, scheduled or assigned jobs
  • See details of other field technicians or contractors scheduled to be on site
  • Find and call work and mobile phone numbers for all site or job contacts
  • Assign travel rate to a list of your pre-defined travel schedule rates such as after hours or long distance
  • A modern look for audits, including a back button and filter
  • Review notes and details for all past work carried out on site
  • View existing site attachments, and all site and job attachments within folders and subfolders
  • Pause work option
  • Upload multiple attachments/photos in the background
  • View catalogue images from selected folders or Quote and Sales module
  • Improved stock allocation
  • Enhanced job card visibility with full works summary with digital sign-off on the same screen, and email option

What training is available?

There are fewer screens and clearer buttons and text than ever before! Most staff will be able to learn without much help. But we also suggest getting staff to use the simPRO Learning l Toolbox. It includes free, self-paced learning modules to help your team master simPRO Mobile. Visit the simPRO Learning l Toolbox to get started.

Are simPRO Mobile and the Service module different apps?

If you are new to simPRO Mobile, you might be wondering about how simPRO Mobile and the modules align.

simPRO Mobile is an app which can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Depending on the type of job your mobile workforce does, you can add or remove modules to suit the technicians’ workflow.

In addition to the new Service module, simPRO Mobile currently offers a Timesheet module and a Quote and Sales module.

simpro mobile modules all in one licence

Do I need to buy extra licences to use the Service module?

All simPRO Mobile modules, including the new Service module, are included in the simPRO Mobile licence.

Each field technician using the app will need to have a simPRO Mobile licence assigned to them. In the past, some customers have referred to this licence as a Connect or field licence. You can check your simPRO Mobile licence numbers from the System menu at the top left of the screen within simPRO.

How can I find out more about the new Service module?

  1. Visit the new simPRO Mobile page on the website. Here you will find more videos and information on the mobile app.
  2. Make sure you are opted in to receive email updates with extra information on simPRO Mobile as well as invitations to upcoming simPRO Mobile webinars.
  3. Complete the quick and easy Mobility training in simPRO Learning l Toolbox

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