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6 March 2020

simPRO Update: Upgrade to Status Codes

Announcements Product Update | 4 minute read

simPRO and Rexel cog composition In a perfect world, jobs would move in a linear fashion from start to completion. But in the real world, this is not always the case! To help you keep track of the status of your jobs, simPRO has been updated with our new Bi-Directional Status Code feature.

In our latest release, which will start rolling out on March 8th, we also welcome the ability to right-click on a schedule to update the schedule rate. And popular UK electrical supplier, Rexel, is now available for easy import of their price file.

Status Codes now move in both directions

Let’s face it, field service jobs aren't always as straightforward as they may originally seem. Have you ever had field staff complete a job, but then have the customer call back soon afterwards to ask for an outstanding task to be completed? This is a perfect example of when the status of a job may need to move a couple of steps backwards before your business can close off the job and invoice the customer.

We are excited to deliver a feature which is the answer to our highest voted idea in the Ideas Portal (with over 550 votes!) Bi-Directional Status Codes. Introducing this functionality into simPRO will not only reduce user errors by improving the automation of your job workflow but will also ensure that any job status is accurate.

Forward and backward direction on status movements

Previously in simPRO, when returning a job to a previous status you needed to remove it from your automated workflow. Now regardless of whether you push a job back a stage or not, it will still flow down the chain of status codes accordingly. This significantly reduces the need for manual intervention and gives you and your team more confidence in the accuracy of a job’s status.

Status changes automatically

Imagine if your field staff had just completed a job on-site using simPRO Mobile. The job had been marked complete in simPRO, but the client since contacted you to request additional work on-site. With the upgrade to status codes, you can move the job back to your in-progress list. This will also update the status and the job will continue to move through your workflow accordingly.

It’s important to mention the above updates are also relevant to changing the status on not only jobs, but quotes, leads, invoices, and purchase orders!

It's time to check your statuses

Now is a great time to review your status codes and check that you have them set up best for your workflows, so you can make the most of the Bi-Directional Status Code feature. For more information on how to set up statuses correctly check out the Help Guide.

Change the schedule rate from within your daily or weekly view

simPRO calendar sync illustration Before this update, if you wanted to change the schedule rate it had to be completely removed and then added back into the calendar again.

Now it’s as easy as right-clicking on the schedule, and selecting ‘Edit Schedule Rate’. This also works when viewing the schedule from within a lead, quote or a job. Just make sure you’re viewing the schedule in the daily or weekly view to take advantage of this.

Rexel UK Catalogue Import

UK Only

Customers of electrical products supplier, Rexel UK, can celebrate as simPRO now includes their catalogue in the import list. This means that those who order from this supplier no longer have to manually match the column and can use this time for far more important tasks at hand!

What else is new in simPRO?

With every release, there are slight improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for 20.1.5 in our Help Guide.

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