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20 August 2019

How simPRO NZ Teamed Up to work on collaboration and innovation

Announcements | 1 minute read

To welcome our new team members (we're now sitting at 24 NZ simPEEPs!), simPRO NZ took some time out last week to work with corporate team building enterprise Team Up to practice cross-functional communication and collaboration.

Armed with a cocktail and a keen sense of adventure, we spent the afternoon completing the Chain Reaction Challenge - where we had to work together to create a series of complex machines and contraptions that would trigger a cascading chain reaction.

The hands-on task challenged our team to consider what collaboration is really all about. It took a lot of communication, planning and working together, but ultimately, it helped us practice some crucial business skills.

The best part? At the end of our session, we received a Certificate of Gratitude!

This told us that, in celebration of our team-building event, Team Up was providing support to Crisis Care in New Zealand communities - meaning that they were helping individuals to fend for themselves and their children during one-off emergencies or long-term problems.

Team Up explained this initiative perfectly on their certificate, writing that "...every business has the power to change lives by integrating giving into its everyday business activities. Doing this together with you [simPRO] is a simple but powerful example of putting that belief into action."

The team rounded out the day with drinks and dinner, taking the time to get to know all the new members of the rapidly growing NZ team, as well as reflect on the challenge and what was learnt could be incorporated into our everyday workflows at simPRO.

Check out the photos below from the event to see the simPRO NZ team complete the chain reaction challenge! NZ Team Day collage activities

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