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17 September 2018

Introducing the new simPRO API!

Announcements | 2 minute read

An API, also known as an Application Programming Interface, allows different software systems to communicate and integrate. It is the tool used by developers and third party software providers to integrate one system with another.

Our new version of the simPRO API follows improved industry standards and best-practices when it comes to integration development, making integrations easier to develop and providing better support to those deep in the API trenches.

This exciting renovation includes the creation of the simPRO Developer Centre, and improved documentation, making simPRO more approachable from a programming and coding perspective.

So, what’s new?

  • All new API for developers to integrate with
  • Improved Documentation
  • Coding examples and other new content in the Developer Centre
  • Developer Forum


We’ve completely re-written our API, starting from scratch, to ensure we are providing the best experience for our beloved 3rd party developers. Our number one driving force was, “What kind of API would we, as developers, want to use?” This question is what we kept coming back to during development and ensured that what we provided would be a great experience for other developers to use.

Improved Documentation

We’ve updated our documentation so that the information is rich with examples and in-depth descriptions. This makes it it easier to gain insights from the content, and optimises integration development.

We’ve also given the platform a bit of a facelift! This new, modern, sleek and simple looks gives the website a more efficient feel, and makes access to content a lot easier and faster.

Coding examples added to the Developer Centre

Not only have we boosted accessibility on the site, and improved documentation, but we’ve also added coding examples.

These examples are a way to significantly fast-track the integration process as they provide code for developers to take right from the site and use in their integration generation - further optimising the workflows surrounding integration generation and making simPRO more approachable from a programming perspective.

Developer Forum

Any integration can be difficult to create/navigate especially if you are unfamiliar with the system and its ins and outs.

This is why we’ve added the simPRO Developer Forum to the Developer Centre - previously developers would need to contact simPRO’s support line and speak with a number of different staff members in their attempt to speak with a simPRO developer.

Now, they are quite literally, at the fingertips of your developers or third party software providers using this forum. People can post questions, queries or concerns and correspond directly with simPRO developers, ensuring their issues are addressed as soon as possible.

Legacy API

If you currently have an integration using the legacy simPRO API, fear not, we won’t be removing that anytime soon! Your existing integrations will continue to function and we don’t currently have plans to sunset the legacy API. However, all new features developed within simPRO will only be available in the new API, the legacy API will no longer receive any updates.

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