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21 June 2022

Get Up-to-Date With the Latest Release From May and June

Product Update | 4 minute read
Bonita Reck

Author: Bonita Reck

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Across the last few simPRO release cycles, we’ve implemented some changes that will greatly improve the functionality and ease of use of simPRO. These updates include:

Xero and Square are insync with simPRO

Square Payment Fee to Xero

We've updated the Square and Xero integration to remove manual reconciling and save you time.

If you're using Xero as your accounting package and Square as one of your payment platforms you no longer have to worry about manually reconciling. As of 22.2.4 these actions are automatic. If you’re using these integrations you should now see, in each payment detail, a ‘payment processor charge’ which identifies the commission Square takes from the transaction. Therefore, when pushing payments through to Xero at the end of your day, all of the Square transaction fees are ready to be processed into Xero at the same time.

Auto-Scheduling and Reports for Recurring Jobs

Have a job that you perform on a regular basis? Set up a recurring job template so that it automatically schedules field staff and/or teams when the corresponding job is created. This time-saving feature reduces the manual efforts of scheduling and makes it easier to accurately estimate when field staff are available for other work.

You can also now create multiple recurring jobs from the same template using the Recurring Jobs Due Report. This feature makes it easier to cross reference which recurring jobs are due and then create them in bulk, rather than having to navigate back to the recurring jobs list. This update helps you streamline business processes and gives your scheduling staff time to focus on more pressing tasks.

Honeywell CLSS and simPRO have integrateds

Honeywell CLSS Integration

simPRO and Honeywell CLSS have partnered to boost fire safety processes. simPRO and Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) now integrate to automate key defect quoting workflows to help your fire protection business improve efficiency, compliance and customer service*.

Learn more about the integration between simPRO and Honeywell CLSS by reading our dedicated blog about the new partnership.

* The Honeywell CLSS and simPRO integration is being launched to Australia and New Zealand

Bubbles with custom notifications popping up

Improvements to Custom Fields

When setting up notifications within simPRO, you can now add custom fields in notifications, descriptions and scripts. This update enables you to customise your notification set up. Need to send customers the timeframe a field staff member will arrive rather than the exact time? With these improvements to custom fields in notifications, you can easily set up the fields you need and let the automatic notifications do the rest!

Click here to discover more notification customisations you can make with this update.

simPRO Customer Portal Dashboard

Customer Portal Dashboard

A dashboard is now available in the simPRO Customer Portal. This new dashboard allows your customers to see a snapshot of information relevant to them. By clicking on the simPRO logo in the Customer Portal, customers will be able to see a visual representation of the number of open quotes, jobs, unpaid invoices, as well as a view of the sites, contacts, active assets and open tasks. This information can all be seen on a single page, regardless of a job's status.

Attach images of assets to jobs or quotes

Asset Test Images and Asset Defect Reporting

Heading out to a job and checking up on assets and need to raise a maintenance quote but the customer needs more proof about the condition of the asset? You can now add asset test images to your job or quote. This allows field staff to easily identify assets and record the condition of the asset each time they visit a site.

We’ve also updated the way you can report on asset defects. Now, you have more options when it comes to reporting on the condition of an asset, including whether the asset defect is critical, non-critical, non-compliant or non-conformant. This update will help you stay compliant and up-to-date with reporting requirements and standards.

As with every release, there are other improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes or look to our Help Guide for more information.

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