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13 July 2020

Plan ahead with the new Asset Labour Planner

Forecasting the labour required to perform regular maintenance on your contracted assets can ensure that your business is more time and revenue efficient.

In our most recent simPRO update (20.3.1) we are introducing the brand new Asset Labour Planner report which is exclusively part of the Maintenance Planner add-on.

This report will allow you to gain a clear picture of how many hours are required to complete maintenance on all of your assets, across all of your customers and contracts.

simPRO hours of labour forecast screenshot

Plan further ahead

The Asset Labour Planner will look for every asset service in your system and provide accurate long term forecasting on the labour required for the next 3, 6 or 12 months as opposed to only being aware of labour requirements for the next few weeks.

The bar chart and coloured heat-map allow you to quickly understand how many hours of labour are required and when.

Determine the levels of demand with accuracy

Because this report predicts how many hours of labour will be required to complete contractual obligations, you can make decisions about the number of labour resources necessary for asset maintenance during specific periods. You can also use the report to understand when the best times are for your staff to take time off.

field staff working illustration

Labour forecasting helps you plan better

Not all assets are easy to access, and this can affect the time required to perform a service. With insight from the Asset Labour Planner, you can adjust the charge rates for customers who take more of your field staff's time to complete their asset maintenance work, and truly understand how many hours will be required to execute this work in the future.

A new part of the Maintenance Planner add-on

The Asset Labour Planner is one of the many benefits that you receive from the simPRO Maintenance Planner add-on. This add-on allows you to enhance your preventative maintenance service delivery with simPRO so you can improve your business’ level of oversight on asset maintenance.

For more information about the Maintenance Planner add-on and the Asset Labour Planner, check out our resources on the simPRO Learning Toolbox and the Help Guide.

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