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17 April 2020

simPRO Update: A new look for the Supplier Integration List and Date Range Filters for Stock Reports

Announcements Product Update | 3 minute read

It’s April, and 2020 has had a lot in store for every single one of us already. During these unprecedented times the world has been accelerated into adapting to new ways of working and this includes the simPRO product development team. Even though we have swapped simPRO HQ for our home offices, this hasn't stopped our team from ensuring we deliver you brand new features and improvements.

Our latest release (20.2.2) which will start becoming available from Monday April 20th includes an update to the look of our Supplier Integration List, a new Date Range Filter in the Unassigned Stock Report, as well as Australian Electrical Wholesaler Myelec becoming available for invoice import.

An illustration of a brush painting blue colours across a computer screen.

A fresh coat of paint for the Supplier integration list

As part of our staggered user interface and user experience overhaul throughout simPRO, and following the recent update to our menu navigation we have now given the Supplier Integration List some love with a fresh new look.

As we introduce more and more wholesalers to integrate with, the list has become quite long. To ensure it's easy for you to navigate through this page, we have adjusted the look to make sure all suppliers are displayed clearly, making them easier to find. To make things even easier on the eye, you will now also notice each supplier’s logo against their listing. Skim away!

A new Date Range Filter when running the Unassigned Stock Report

Ever had to run a report on your unassigned stock? You might have discovered that despite selecting several filters, you ended up with a long list of items making it hard to find what you’re looking for. Now simPRO allows you to create a more specific search, by adding a Date Range Filter to the report fields. This will ensure that older jobs that contain unassigned stock can be excluded from the report which makes it easier to identify the stock you need, when you need it!

simPRO and MYELEC logos integrated into working cog pieces.

MYELEC Electrical Wholesalers available to invoice import

Australia Only

Customers of Western Australian electrical wholesaler Myelec, can celebrate as simPRO now includes their catalogue in the import list. This means that those who order from this supplier no longer have to manually match the column and can use this time for far more important tasks at hand!

What else is new in simPRO?

With every release, there are slight improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for 20.2.2 in our Help Guide.

This will be available from Saturday April 18th AEST.

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