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8 January 2021

Greater Form Builder Flexibility

Product Update | 2 minute read

We are kicking off the first release of 2021 with the capability to add more custom fields to your quotes and invoices created using Form Builder. Use this update to personalise quotes and invoices to meet your business needs and customer requirements. This update will start rolling into your build from Sunday 10th of January and includes:

Improved Form Builder Capability

In this enhancement to Form Builder, we have added new fields so you can populate your invoices and quotes with even more personalised information. The new fields you can add, include:

  • Display the ‘default name’ for the cost centre on the quote or invoice
  • Display cost centre total, contract price total, contract price current value and contract price to date value excluding GST
  • Display invoice period on recurring invoices
  • Display job custom fields on invoices
  • Display employee images on quotes
  • Display the manufacturer name of a part number

Illustration of paper quote with a pinpoint highlighting a key area

Update to Recurring Jobs Due Report

We have modified the standard Recurring Jobs Due report to dynamically update the next due date on recurring jobs that have been completed earlier or later than expected. This update will save you time when processing recurring jobs as you can easily change all ‘next due dates’ at once!

Contract End Date Filter for the Asset Labour Report

Last year we introduced the new Asset Labour Planner into simPRO as part of the Maintenance Planner add-on. The new Contract End Date filter in the Asset Labour Planning report means if you are confident that a contract is going to be renewed, you can look past the end date to better forecast labour requirements.

What else is new in simPRO?

With every release, there are slight improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for 21.1.1 in our Help Guide. This will be available from Saturday the 9th of January AEST.

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