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1 June 2021

Create professional eForms with new design tools and mandatory fields

Product Update | 3 minute read

Improve the quality of data collected in the field with the latest update to eForms. A series of recent updates, deliver a smoother, enhanced eForms Portal experience and include:

Enhance your branding with pixel-perfect eForms

Illustration of a person using a tablet to move an eForms field to align with guidelines on the screen

The visual presentation of your digital forms is a key part of your business brand. As the top rated suggestion in the simPRO Ideas Portal for eForms, we’ve added new design tools so you can create stunning designs like a pro!

The new form design tools include optional horizontal and vertical rulers which can be configured to stay fixed in place, or unlocked to scroll down the page with you. You can also quickly hide the guides by double clicking on them.

Complementing the new rulers are guide lines. Guide lines enable you to manually align form elements or “snap” to a nearby guide line.

You will also be able to drag and draw over your form to select single or multiple elements including fields, text and images. Once selected, the eForm designer will display a pop-up with options for move, copy, or delete the selection. You will also be able to drag or snap these elements to any guide lines you have added to your eForm.

Prevent incomplete form submissions with mandatory fields

Illustration of a person using a tablet to complete an eForm displaying lines highlighted red and text saying Required Fields

Missing data from forms such as those required for meeting compliance standards and risk assessments can be a major concern for any business. With our latest update, you can reduce the risk of missing this important data with new functionality which allows you to prevent incomplete forms from being returned.

You can now easily set up fields to be mandatory, which will be clearly displayed during the design process to help you easily check form settings. These fields will also display as red when loaded into the eForms app for use in the field, ensuring that essential information is never missed.

As an additional measure to prevent incomplete form submissions, a pop-up notification will alert eForms app users if a mandatory field has been left empty.

A smoother eForms user experience

A number of extra features have been added to the eForms portal to improve the user experience. These are:

  • A button on filter sets to reset all options
  • The ability to see where pages start and end with page break indicators
  • Sticky pop-ups that stay in place when you scroll
  • A Save confirmation message

There’s never been a better time to try eForms

Remove the workflow roadblocks caused by paper-based forms. From checklists, through to safety analysis and site inspection forms, your office staff can easily design your own branded eForms. Using the eForms app, available via Google Play or the App Store, field staff can easily capture data and submit forms to the office immediately.

Enquire now to see how eForms can improve your data collection workflow.

Need guidance with these improvements?

We’re here to help you get the most out of eForms. You can read the outline of enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for eForms 1.11 and 1.12, in our Help Guide.

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