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26 August 2019

Data Feed Update: attachment controls, custom fields & more

Product Update | 2 minute read

Data Feed 1.1 has arrived. The update provides greater control over attachment uploads, the option to attach emails text to records, support for lead and task custom fields and a number of additional improvements for increased usability.

Business Rule Enhancements

Email attachments icon

Toggle email attachment uploads

Data Feed can be used to automatically save all email attachments to created records. The latest updates provides extra control over how attachment uploads are managed.

A simple toggle switch lets you choose whether or not to upload all attachments. This will keep your data storage under control and stop simPRO records from becoming cluttered with unwanted attachments.

Email add text icon

Add email text as an attachment in created records

Another popular use of Data Feed is the automatic creation of records, such as a new job, when emails are received. To ensure the original email can be viewed by everyone who works with the new record, Data Feed can now be set up to upload the text of an email as an attachment.

Data Extraction Enhancements

Extract data from Lead and Task custom feeds

You can use data extraction rules to extract lead and task custom fields.

What other improvements have been made?

In addition to the three major enhancements listed above, the update also provides

  • Support for date formats using - , . / and spaces as separators
  • ‘Pipelines’ are now referred to as ‘Feeds’
  • The ability to match catalogue items by the supplier part numbers in the item.

There are also a number of additional improvements made. You can read an outline of all the changes made in the dedicated release notes for Data Feed on the Help Guide.

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