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17 December 2020

How Data Feed is helping simPRO customers cut costs and improve efficiency

Product Update | 4 minute read

Like every simPRO customer, Bolt Building does not have time to mess around when it comes to business data.

With a range of building and maintenance repair customers like:

  • Insurance companies
  • Strata managers
  • Real estates
  • Government entities
  • Local schools
  • And more

They're beyond busy.

What complicates things is that many of the maintenance and repair job requests that Bolt Building receives from their customers also have a range of information that needs to be entered or allocated into their simPRO system.

This, as General Manager Brian Sayah explains, can be costly and inefficient.

"Most businesses will need an extra person to do that kind of data entry, even with a great product like simPRO" he says, "But, it's expensive to have that extra body in the office, not to mention that the kind of work they would be doing wouldn't exactly be stimulating."

Plus, issues like errors as a result of manual data entry are far more likely to occur during job creation or invoicing.

Thanks to simPRO’s Data Feed, the team at Bolt Building has been able to reduce costs and risks, and maintain efficiency when it comes to these processes.

"I was just having a chat with a simPRO trainer one day and he mentioned Data Feed," Brian says, "From there, I enquired about it and quickly realised it was something that would be invaluable to my team."

Data Feed is an integration tool from simPRO that extracts standardised information from emails and compatible attachments, and uses it to automatically generate new workflows and allocate information in a simPRO build.

As Brian explains, the setup of Data Feed was notably easy.

"I was sent a few links to further my understanding of Data Feed. Then, I worked with a customer support officer who was well-versed. I sent him four or five reports of what information we were receiving and he worked out how it could be absorbed by Data Feed."

From there, Brian and his team were ready to go. The simPRO Support team helped him to ensure Data Feed was running sufficiently with a few tests, and they were away.

"The general process with setting up Data Feed was very straightforward," Brian advises those who might be considering using the solution, "There's not really much that is required of you."

How is Data Feed used in Bolt Building?

"We use Data Feed where multiple entries into simPRO are required," Brian explains, "a one-off job is a bit more difficult so I'd definitely recommend it for people who are doing multiple entry jobs or contracts."

Below is an outline of how a job request would flow through Bolt Building using simPRO and Data Feed.

  1. Bolt Building receives a work order, for example a request from a local school they are contracted with to investigate a damaged wall or door.
  2. The order arrives as an email attachment. It is on a standardised sheet of paper, which gives the team all the information they need, including multiple site contact details, job information, and more.
  3. Brian's team then forwards that email onto their business' private Data Feed email address.
  4. Once the email is received in the Data Feed email account, Data Feed will then take all relevant information off of the form received.
  5. A job is then created in simPRO using the information pulled by Data Feed.
  6. The job is then allocated to a team within the business and the team is then notified of new work as it comes in.

"It's really amazing," Brian says, "Generally we only have 24 hours to get out to a job, so it's brilliant that the job creation and allocation happens so instantaneously."

"Data Feed means we don't have one person entering data and the rest of the team waiting for them to enter information before we can schedule. When you get a work order at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and your people go home at 5, it's great to have everything in the system as soon as possible."

Do you think Data Feed could help you cut costs and automate job creation in your business? Contact us on 0800 622 6376 or click here to fill out a form and we'll get in touch.

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