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30 January 2020

simPRO Mobile - Attachment security and timesheet updates

Product Update | 4 minute read

The latest release for simPRO Mobile will be available for download from your app store within days. Find out what’s new for attachments and timesheets, as well as get the latest information on the release of the Asset feature for in-field asset testing and maintenance.

simPRO attachments security updates icon

Better protection for attachments

A major enhancement to simPRO Mobile in 2019 was the ability to view all public site and job attachments inside the app.

In this update, simPRO is introducing additional measures to reduce the risk of attachments being accidentally changed.

Preventing attachments from being deleted by mistake

Even the most tech-savvy person has chosen the wrong photo or document to attach to their work. The natural, and responsible, response is to hit “Delete” to fix the mistake.

But what happens if an older attachment is selected to be deleted instead?

To remove the risk of important, historical attachments from being removed from simPRO by accident, users will now only be able to delete files that they attached, from the app or in the office, themselves.

Control who can change the name of attachments

Have you been carefully naming your simPRO attachments to help users identify the photo or file they are looking for?

Just like the accidental deletion of attachments, it would be problematic if those names were changed by your field staff.

Now, simPRO Mobile users will only be able to edit the name of the attachments they have uploaded.

Eliminate lost photos during background syncing with simPRO

Occasionally when large numbers of photos were background syncing with simPRO there were instances in which some would appear as 0 bytes. We have changed the way photos background sync to prevent this from occurring and ensure that all photos make it back intact.

simPRO timsheet updates icon

Track time with greater accuracy

Whether you are using simPRO Mobile’s Timesheet module, the Service module, or both together, it’s important that your employee time data is accurate. The latest update includes two changes to enhance the mobile features of simPRO’s time tracking software.

Time blocks stay as scheduled during the job

Until now, if a user pressed “Start Travel”, simPRO Mobile would change the status and clear the remaining scheduled time block for the job card.

With the latest update, the time block will stay as scheduled until the job has actually been completed. However, to make sure your office team has real-time visibility into the progress of fieldwork, the status will update live.

Keep a record of every time block when multiple visits are scheduled on the same day

There are many reasons why your field staff would be scheduled for the same job multiple times in a day. They may need to attend in the morning to assess a customer’s problem, then return later that day with a replacement part. Or, you might need them to temporarily leave one customer’s site to provide help on another.

Regardless, for accurate business reporting, it is important that employee time cards accurately show where they were and when.

Previously, if a simPRO Mobile user added or edited a time block within the same cost centre, thereby committing actual time, any other scheduled time was deleted. This was based on an assumption that the other time blocks were no longer required.

Now all scheduled time blocks in the same cost centre will be converted to actual time blocks once an addition or edit has been carried out by field staff. It will no longer appear as though time blocks are disappearing. In order to discard a time block that was previously scheduled but not used, the technician must manually delete it.

Coming soon ribbon banner

Coming soon - simPRO Mobile’s Assets feature

The highly anticipated arrival of the simPRO Mobile app’s Assets feature is just weeks away!

The new Assets feature will help your staff to efficiently complete your asset management services inside our next-generation field service app.

This will mean that your business will soon be able to completely transition from Connect to simPRO Mobile. To help you prepare for the change, new materials will be published in the simPRO Learning l Toolbox to coincide with the launch of the Assets feature.

Get a head start by registering your field staff for the simPRO Learning l Toolbox today. Encourage your team to complete the existing learning materials so they are comfortable with the existing features.

Find out how simPRO Mobile can enhance the efficiency and quality of your field operations.

What else is new in simPRO Mobile?

With every release, there are slight improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for simPRO Mobile 4.1 in our Help Guide.

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