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21 June 2019

4 reasons why the new Outlook calendar sync is great for field service

Integrations | 3 minute read

Have you heard the news? simPRO has rolled out a new Microsoft Outlook 365 calendar sync.

There are many good reasons for your team to use Outlook calendars alongside simPRO scheduling - it is a fantastic all-in-one tool for business communication! But spreading appointments over two calendars does cause some challenges.

So let’s have a look at why the new Outlook 365 Calendar sync is a great option for every field service business.

Make Outlook 365 and simPRO a seamless part of your business workflow

The new calendar sync perfectly complements the existing simPRO Outlook email integration. Now, in addition to all your communications being in one place, your calendars are too!

The sync ensures your field service business is getting better return on investment on its full suite of business systems.

simPRO’s enhanced calendar visibility speeds up the scheduling process

Congratulations! Someone wants your field service business to provide a quote or do some work.

But did you know that more than half of customers have scrapped a planned purchase or transaction because of poor customer service?

No one likes being put on hold, or to be passed around, when trying to make a booking.

And without availability visibility, it is almost impossible for scheduling staff to provide an answer without consulting with others.

The external calendar sync in simPRO makes it quick and easy to book appointments, without delaying your customer. Your scheduling staff can see every appointment made in staff calendars and simPRO, in one clear screen.

Being able to instantly update staff calendars reduces scheduling slip-ups

Customers have busy schedules. The last thing they want after juggling their diary, is for a field service business to reschedule, or worse, miss an appointment. Make sure your staff’s calendar management doesn’t impact negatively on customers.

In addition to the scheduling insights that the calendar sync offers, you can also add to or update staff calendars from simPRO. Changes are synced instantly, which removes the risk of staff booking a conflicting appointment before the new entry to their calendar. For mobile staff that may not be checking emails regularly, this also reduces the risk of missing a meeting request emails.

Built-in privacy safeguards overcome employee concerns on shared calendars

There are some calendar appointments that should remain private, such as confidential business meetings and medical appointments. That’s why the simPRO calendar sync balances scheduling visibility with information privacy.

Specific details from appointments that originate on the Outlook 365 calendar, such as the meeting subject and location, are not synced to simPRO. The only information simPRO shows, is when a staff member is busy.

simPRO Outlook Calendar Sync Entry Busy

Get started with the Outlook 365 Calendar Sync

The Outlook 365 calendar sync is available to all simPRO users. To get started, please visit the Outlook Calendar Integration article on our Help Guide for instructions on enabling the sync and linking your staff calendars to simPRO.

Other simPRO integrations and add-ons for field service efficiency

Did you know that simPRO integrates with popular business systems including the Outlook Calendar, Google mail and calendar, Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks? Browse our add-ons and integrations library to gain even greater functionality, when and where your business needs it.

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