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28 September 2017

With 37 years in the fire protection industry, Mark uses simPRO to keep him covered

Customer Stories | 2 minute read

Richdale Fire was purchased by Bartley Group in March this year and rebranded as RFS Fire & Compliance. As Project Manager for Bartley, Lynda Hocquard was charged with ensuring that RFS had the necessary infrastructure to ensure the success of the business into the future.

Locking in a strong team

Lynda’s role requires her to dive in, learn new software, a new business and a new industry in detail, quickly. She saw that RFS required a great leader and great software to propel the business into the next chapter.

Richdale already had simPRO Enterprise in place but it wasn’t being used anywhere near its capabilities.

field staff tool belt

We put Lynda in touch with Mark Wilburn. Mark's 37 years of experience in the fire protection industry and 7 years experience with simPRO made him the ultimate choice for consultation in understanding if and how simPRO could help the business.

After using various systems to manage fire companies over the past 7 years, simPRO has become Mark’s tool of choice.

“It’s basically a one stop software product.” Mark

Consultation soon turned to an offer to join the team as General Manager. It was obvious that Mark and simPRO were an ideal combination for RFS. Looking to the future, Mark aims to extend the reach of the company geographically in order to win new business and grow.

Why Lynda settled on simPRO

Obviously having simPRO already in place meant it was just a matter of revising the existing system. The way it was being used wasn’t optimal. A key factor for Lynda in determining simPRO's suitability was to know that the people behind the software would be there when her or the staff were needed.

“The customer service has been really good right for the get-go.” Lynda

The Help, the Support and the fact that it’s cloud based were major factors in ensuring they would be be able to get the most out of the software. Add to that the ease of use and the powerful Reporting engine, simPRO became the only real choice.

Lynda with RFS vechicle

When it came time to better integrate simPRO into the business Lynda called on simPRO Training to make sure the staff were getting everything they need form the system to make processes as efficient as possible.

The ideal compliance solution

With a full Asset Register of all the equipment that’s been tested along with real time data transferred direct from the field of every detail of each inspection, simPRO’s got Mark’s back.

“I find that simPRO gives me peace of mind. As an IQP, I don’t have to worry.”

Below Mark and Lynda explain the story in more detail.

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