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9 July 2020

Recap: 120Grit podcast - ep37 Lachie Stuart, A Man That Can

Business Advice Mental Health | 1 minute read

When Lachie Stuart hit rock bottom, he decided to turn his challenges into a global movement that would empower men to become the men they were meant to be.

The ultimate vision for the Man That Can Project is to help men overcome the mental and emotional challenges that are holding them back. However, this movement did not just appear out of thin air, Lachie’s drive and determination came many years after navigating his own journey of self-discovery.

This week, Lachie shares his story with Dan and Ed from TradeMutt. From losing his identity as a young athlete to finding his place in the world as a young man, he talks about struggling through relationships, insecurities, dabbling in recreational drugs and getting into the occasional pub fight.

Join the boys as they explore some valuable topics as well as covering Lachie's eight areas all men must master.

So grab your vision of who you want to be and discover how to make it your reality with episode 37 of TradeMutt’s 120 Gritt podcast with special guest Lachie Stuart.

Watch TradeMutt’s latest 120Grit Podcast below

If you are looking for more mental health and business resources visit our blog. And don’t forget to check out the TradeMutt website for more great tips on managing your mental health.

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