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9 June 2020

Recap: 120Grit podcast - ep35 Sam Gardel

Business Advice Mental Health | 1 minute read

simPRO customer, electrician and one-time back-rower for the Italian Azuri during the 2013 Rugby League World Cup, Sam Gardel knows what it feels like to fly high and crash hard.

As a teenager, he showed promise in rugby league and watched the pressure his friends and teammates were put under to compete in the under 20’s competition. Sold the dream of a sporting career, they signed up for training five days a week and a promise of developing their talent. But for those who didn’t excel under the intense pressure, it was a slippery slope.

Realising his heart wasn’t in it, Sam left his football career behind and started his own electrical contracting business. He invested heavily into his team and business until everything was pulled out from under him leaving him in financial distress.

In this podcast, Sam opens up about what happened at the time his first business came crashing down, and the road he took in rebuilding what he had started.

So suit up into your favourite football jersey (or TradeMutt shirt) and listen to Sam as he explains some techniques and strategies (like cold showers!) that he uses to balance his mental health on a daily basis.

Watch TradeMutt’s latest 120Grit Podcast below

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