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9 April 2020

Recap: 120Grit podcast - ep31 featuring Glenn Azar

Business Advice Mental Health | 1 minute read

What does a man who has climbed the Kokoda trail 79 times have to teach you about success? It turns out a lot!

Glenn Azar, is a former soldier, kickboxer, registered nurse and now an adventure leader at Adventure Professionals. This week, he joined our favourite podcast hosts (yes we are totally biased) Ed and Dan from TradeMutt’s 120Grit podcast to chat about building success in your life and why he’s NOT a ‘life’ coach.

As Glenn explains to the TradeMutt team, he believes that people who have lived experience make the best teachers. He trains people on leadership and creating the right mindset to help them achieve what success looks like in their own lives.

A self confessed ‘high performer’ his ethos (and that of his family) is to do stuff before talking about it. And oh boy has he done some stuff.

So buckle in and listen to the incredible story of Glenn as he talks about his journey and how he is helping others achieve their goals.

Watch TradeMutt’s 120Grit Podcast - Ep31, Glenn Azar via the video below.

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