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November 8, 2019

Your Strategic and Financial Business Year In Review using simPRO Reporting

Product Update | 3 minute read

For many service and maintenance businesses, the end of the year is a time to reflect on the successes of the last 12 months and identify areas for improvement.

For simPRO users, this time of year is easy thanks to the insights that can be gained from the comprehensive reporting tool, simPRO Reporting.

simPRO pulls together data for a quick and easy analysis of productivity levels, profit and loss, payments owing and more!

Here is a selection of simPRO reports that can help you prioritise your end-of-year tasks, reflect on strategic and financial goals, and make new ones for 2020.

For reviewing and adjusting financial targets...

Profit/Loss Job Report

Insights from your 2019 performance can be used to establish your 2020 goals so they are more achievable and realistic for you and your team.

The Profit/Loss Job Report offers up a summary of:

  • Costs
  • Gross profit/loss
  • Margins
  • Overheads

Comparing these will give you the insight into your finances needed to refine your goals for 2020 and make changes in your business for better cash flow and profits.

For following up incomplete work or outstanding payments…

Uninvoiced Jobs Report

Pull together all the uninvoiced jobs that are currently listed in simPRO with this report. Quickly identify incomplete work and generate a list of jobs that need following up - perfect to hand over to your accounting, administrative or field team!

Job, customer and site information is displayed in the report, as well as details relating to outstanding costs, like:

  • The total value of the job,
  • The total amount already invoiced, and
  • The total amount remaining.

Aged Receivables Report

Use this report to identify risks in your cash flow by generating a list of customers with unpaid invoices.

There is a variety of information displayed in the Aged Receivables Report that relates to customers and their outstanding payments, including:

  • Customer details
  • Payment terms
  • Invoice due dates
  • Total amount due
  • Average time to pay

Having a list of customers who have not yet paid is incredibly useful for accounting teams. It can make end-of-year processes, like following up on overdue invoices and generating statements or overdue notices, much easier.

For conducting performance reviews…

Job Productivity Report

Analyse how your team has performed over the last year by reviewing a side by side comparison of schedule and job information for each technician. Data displayed in this report includes:

  • Hours Scheduled
  • Labour Cost
  • Overhead
  • Materials Cost
  • Total Billed
  • Margins

This report will help you pinpoint areas of improvement for each team member, and highlight those that may need a more in-depth discussion of their overall progress and performance.

Commission Report

Review the performance of your sales team and calculate the commission owed using this insightful report that displays commissions (in percentage) per job.

Commission can be calculated in this report based on turnover, gross profit or net profit. You can also specify the date range based on the invoice date, payment date or the date the job was created.

Your business data is the key to defining your 2020 goals

simPRO’s reporting functionality allows you to utilise insights from your 2019 performance to refine your targets and goals for the new year so that they are more realistic and achievable for your team.

Plus, for those who are trained in business analytics and SQL, simPRO offers a separate, even more insightful, reporting tool: BI Reporting. It allows users to extract specific data from their simPRO build and to create customised reports, dashboards and data visualisations.

To learn more about reporting in simPRO, and how it can help you learn from your business data, click here.

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