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Access Tasks in simPRO Mobile

March 29, 2021

The latest version of simPRO Mobile is now available on Google Play and the App Store with some exciting new field service enhancing functionality. Tasks have been introduced into the app, allowing you to view and adjust them within the Service module plus we now have new warnings for low stock and expired licenses.

simPRO Mobile Tasks on a tablet

Tasks in your pocket

Break down large jobs into smaller tasks! Tasks within simPRO give access to an interactive to-do list for Quotes, Jobs, Customers and even internal business requirements. Now field staff can view, update and even complete tasks for assigned jobs within the Service module of simPRO Mobile.

Record task progress from the field

Staff who are on site can easily see the required tasks for a job, from right within the Service module. Easily scroll down to see all tasks associated to a job with Cost Centres clearly marked.

Started the task but can't finish it within the scheduled job time or need more parts? Simply use the % Completed selector and set the amount of the task you have completed. When finished, add the desired notes, set the task as complete and move to the next!

New warnings for low inventory and expired licenses

Alert on a computer for low stock and expired licenses

Low inventory alerts

To boost visibility within the field we have added new pop up messages in simPRO Mobile that alert field-staff when inventory in their storage location (usually a vehicle) has fallen below the set minimum level. Allowing everyone on the road to have a better understanding of when they may need to head back to the warehouse or wholesaler to stock up.

Notification of license expiry

Knowing when licenses are going to expire can save time and avoid frustration. To help your team keep on top of these dates, simPRO Mobile can now also send a pop up message to alert field staff of a license that is soon to be or already expired.

Need guidance with these improvements?

We’re here to help you get the most out of simPRO Mobile, including all of our new features and improvements.

Learning toolbox image

The Learning Toolbox

The Learning Toolbox is a FREE online training platform for all simPRO clients and their staff. The materials are interactive, self-paced and can be used to help upskill staff on the new Mobile feature. Start learning here or request access to simPRO's Learning Toolbox.

The Help Guide

The Help Guide includes articles and videos on the new workflows for simPRO Mobile. You can visit the Help Guide here, or navigate to it from anywhere in simPRO.

On-site and online training

If you’re looking for additional assistance on simPRO Mobile, simPRO’s Implementation Consultants can provide on-site and online training for your team. You can access training by contacting support.

Download the latest simPRO Mobile update from Google Play or the Apple App Store today!

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