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March 28, 2019

Latest simPRO Update: Better branding as Form Builder grows

Product Update | 3 minute read

The latest release, rolling out from March 29, will help you develop a stronger image for your business with three new features coming to the popular simPRO Form Builder interface. You will also be able to quickly respond to change and adjust multiple resource Schedule Blocks.

Keep reading to find out more and watch the demo video below to see these updates in action!

Enhance your image with simPRO Form Builder

When we launched Form Builder last year it was the most requested ideas in the simPRO Ideas Portal. In this latest release, we’ve added three new features to make it even easier to develop a strong visual brand for your business!

Create Customer Invoice and Credit Note Templates

You want amazing looking forms, that wow customers, at every stage of your sales process. So, we’re sure you will be excited to design your own templates for Credit Notes and Invoices in the Form Builder Interface!

The Form Builder interface already allowed you to easily create Quote Form templates, and the additional template options means you can have a consistent look in your pre and post-sale documents. As 2019 continues, we will add even more template options, so jump in and get started now!

Stronger Form Editor controls

With the same focus of maintaining a consistent image, you can now control who can edit templates before the final document is sent out to clients. This will help prevent important details, such as your logo, terms and conditions, or contact details from “disappearing”.

Include staff digital signatures on forms

The final feature that has been added in this latest update to Form Builder is the ability to add a signature field to your forms. This makes it easy to insert the digital signature of your sales people, or any employee that is logged in to simPRO.

An easier way to manage multiple resource schedule blocks

Plans change all the time in field service management and you need to be able to quickly shift things around. Until now though, adjusting multiple schedule blocks has been a drag (...and drop, one schedule block at a time).

Thankfully the latest update to simPRO’s Schedule Day View, is making it quicker to respond to changes.

Instead of dragging, you can now move all the blocks for a field technician to another day, or reassign blocks to another technician. You can also select multiple technicians, for instance a project team or work crew, and move all their blocks for the day to another.

Make sure to check out the video, above, for a demonstration of how easy it is.

Improvements and Enhancements

With all of our releases, there are always slight improvements that our developers will make. These may not always be a feature of the release, however you can read the outline of what updates are made in the dedicated release notes in our helpguide. You can find this by clicking here.

Below is a selection of the improvements and enhancements made this time around:

* Timesheets weren’t always displaying the contact name for contractors. Now you’ll know exactly who carried out the work.

* When editing a pre-build on a job, sometimes the pre-build wouldn’t retain its custom fields. Now you can edit a pre-build on a job, custom fields and all.

For more information, head over to the Help Guide for the full breakdown of this update.

With new features being released regularly, make sure you stay up to date with the latest simPRO news by following us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or keep an eye on the blog.

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