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February 25, 2020

simPRO checklist: How to keep your operations management software in great shape

Business Advice | 3 minute read

When you're brushing out the cobwebs during your next big business spring clean, make sure you don't forget to also review the information stored in your operations management software.

It is crucial you stay on top of what is stored in your system, otherwise, outdated information will continue to be recycled throughout it.

And when that happens, you run the risk of cluttering up records, providing incorrect pricing on quotes and wasting the time and productivity of staff.

But, don't worry, we've got just the list to help you dust off your system's data!

We've compiled this list of to-dos based on the features and tools available in simPRO, a complete operations management software.

You can use it at any time to refresh and update your system - whether that be weekly, monthly or annually (though we recommend quarterly!).

Check it out below.

10 steps to update data in your operations management software

  1. Update your figures (labor rates, employee pay rates, overhead, etc)
  2. Check your default markups and margins are still where you want them to be.
    1. Update customers and pricing tiers as required.
  3. Laptop with checklist and workers composition

    Run reports to locate outdated or irrelevant data. Here are a few reports, available in simPRO, that we recommend:
    1. Duplicate Contacts Report - Use this report to merge contacts in your system and avoid housing duplicates.

    2. Customer Archive Report - Do you have customers in your system that are no longer in business or no longer have use for your services? Use this report to archive those inactive customers.

    3. Supplier Archive Report - If you no longer work with certain vendors, there is no need to keep their information in your system. This report can help you archive suppliers that do not have any activity within a certain date range.

    4. Duplicate Catalog Items Report - Make life easier for your inventory managers by using this report to remove duplicates of catalog items.

    5. Inactive Catalog Items Report - When you come across materials in your catalog that haven't been assigned to a job or purchase order, use this report to archive those items.

  4. Perform an inventory review by updating total quantities and reviewing restock levels on storage devices.
  5. Clean up your employee records by archiving past employees and updating current employee cards with schedule details, pay rates, licence expiration dates, and other important information.
  6. Get your contractor records in order by archiving contractors you won't use again in future. You should also update current contractor cards with schedule details, pay rates, contact information, licence expiration dates, etc.
  7. Better organize your purchase orders by receipting those you have received, deleting or archiving any cancelled orders and reviewing your partially receipted ones.
  8. Clean up your contractor work orders by marking all completed and paid contractor invoices as ‘paid’, and deleting or archiving any cancelled work orders.
  9. Clear out any outdated quotes and leads by locating and archiving them.
  10. Deal with your unpaid invoices by cross-checking with your accounting package and applying payments with correct dates. In simPRO, you can also run the Aged Receivables report to locate any outstanding invoices.

simPRO offers a range of features and tools that are designed to optimize processes and streamline workflows for service, maintenance and project businesses.

If you're interested in learning how simPRO can help you scale up your business and move away from the cumbersome nature of paper-based processes, visit our website to learn more.

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