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March 29, 2021

simPRO appoints Global Head of Account Management

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Leading field service management software company, simPRO, continues its strong focus on strategic growth and customer experience with the development of its Account Management team.

simPRO Global Head of Account Management, Conor Breen

To spearhead the development of the new team, the all-in-one software company has appointed Conor Breen as its new Global Head of Account Management.

Conor brings to the role extensive experience helping simPRO customers achieve business success. Throughout the past four years Conor has been an integral part of the team in the United States in his roles as a Customer Success Manager and Implementation Consultant. He also previously owned a construction trade business giving him a unique understanding of service and project workflows, as well as the larger business concerns that simPRO customers face.

“Conor's trade and construction industry experience together with his knowledge of simPRO, means he is incredibly prepared to lead our Account Management team,” simPRO Chief Revenue Officer Ricky Sevta said.

“His dedication to helping our customers achieve success is second to none and we know he will inject this passion and inspiration throughout the global Account Management team.”

In this role, Conor will oversee the rollout of account managers and processes across all of the countries simPRO operates including Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. He will also work closely with regional sales leaders and marketing teams to drive the account management strategy.

Conor said he is looking forward to spearheading the global implementation of the team and is excited by the enhancement to customer experience it will provide.

“Customers will have a contact point throughout their entire simPRO journey, and someone they can always go to to facilitate their needs,” he said.

“Account management allows us to create a more proactive approach to our customer service, rather than a reactive approach.

“It helps us keep better track of our customers and their needs so that we can deliver even better service to both our existing customers and new ones.

“Most importantly, our Account Management team helps customers better utilize the software in their business.”

Ricky said the scaling of the Account Management team was driven by the rate of new customer acquisition and the global size of the business.

“The global rollout of this team will enable us to better support customers at every step in their journey to help them achieve the best result with simPRO,” he said.

Account managers will be implemented in all regions throughout the coming months. For more information about account management in your region, contact simPRO.

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