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August 19, 2021

Finance in focus: simPRO August Update

Product Update Integrations | 4 minute read

Have you been keeping up with all the latest simPRO happenings? Read on to find out about our August updates, including:

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Import items into quotes and jobs to save time

Do you work remotely, or travel, with limited access to the internet? Or, do you work on large projects where a lot of planning is done in spreadsheets before your simPRO workflows commence?

Based on an Ideas Portal request, you can now reclaim the time it takes to manually retype these details into simPRO. With the new import feature, you can import catalog items and pre-builds from a spreadsheet to quickly create and update quotes and jobs.

New features to support the financial needs of field service businesses

With a growing number of customers in the USA, Canada and Ireland, the simPRO team has been investing in development to support the needs of local field service businesses. In August, a number of features were enabled that focus on business finances in these regions.

Faster, easier field service payments with Square for Ireland

simPRO first partnered with Square in 2019 to provide a robust payment processing option for field services businesses in Australia, the UK and the USA. Now with Square’s recent entrance into the Irish market, simPRO customers in the region also have access to fast and easy payments in the field and office.

To help you get started, all simPRO customers in Ireland who sign up to Square before December 30 2021 will receive €5,000 in free processing.

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Integrating seamlessly with your existing simPRO workflows, Square makes collecting payment easier than ever before. Click here to find out more about Square Payments, including details on how to access this introductory offer.

Managing Reverse Charge VAT in the UK and Ireland

Customers in the UK who have already been using simPRO’s Reverse Charge VAT features, can now easily check that a registration number is valid while updating customers, supplier and contractor cards.

For Irish businesses, the feature has now been enabled to meet local Reverse Charge VAT legislation requirements. You can now set up, report on and apply reverse charge VAT to simPRO contractor invoices and customer invoices.

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simPRO’s Reverse Tax Charge feature enables you to process Reverse VAT for VAT registered customers as well as VAT and RCT registered contractors. Click here to find out more, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Canadian Tax Support for QuickBooks Online

Continuing with the theme of taxation, Canadian field service businesses can now post transactions from simPRO to QuickBooks Online with accurate taxation applied.

Through the enhanced accounting link, you can set up single tax codes and combined tax codes. Once configured, you can export transactions with a range of tax code types to QuickBooks Online.

Improved Sales Tax Report for the USA

Understanding your US tax obligations is now easier, following changes to the Sales Tax Report that give a clear tax breakdown by state, county and city.

Taxify powered by sovos logo

With one click you can calculate and apply sales tax to your simPRO jobs and quotes with simPRO’s integration with Taxify.

Simpler workflows for greater efficiency

Want less clicks in your day? Great news! This month, the following improvements were made to make it easier to go from A to B:

  • Linked catalog items - adding a linked catalog item to any quote, job or purchase order from the quick add menu, now notifies you about the linked items. You can then choose to view and add the linked items from the list displayed.
  • Access projects from notes and reminders - Do any of your notes or reminders refer to a specific project? Now, you can click the project number to open it directly without spending extra time searching it manually.

What else is new in simPRO?

With every release, there are slight improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for August in our Help Guide for 21.3.3 and 21.3.4 (available from Saturday August 26th AEST).

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