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August 31, 2017

Latest simPRO Update: The new simPRO and Microsoft Outlook integration. It was meant to be.

Integrations | 1 minute read

Our latest update to simPRO includes a much-requested feature from our Ideas Portal: an integration between simPRO and the latest web and desktop versions of Microsoft Outlook!

Save time with the Microsoft Outlook integration

Thanks to user votes in the simPRO Ideas Portal, our new integration with the latest web and desktop versions of Outlook will save you time and streamline your processes.

If you choose to integrate Outlook with simPRO, all communication with your customers can be easily recorded, as you can save the email to customer cards, leads, quotes and jobs in simPRO – without even leaving your Outlook screen.

When you receive an email in Outlook, simPRO will check their email address against your existing simPRO records. If the address is recognized, you’ll have the option to save the email to the relevant customer record as needed.

That means all of your employees can easily view all communication for particular customers, leads, quotes or jobs. This creates a smoother experience for both your customers and employees and prevents any potential disputes thanks to thorough recordkeeping.

If simPRO doesn’t find someone’s email address in your system, you’ll have the option to easily add them as a new lead or customer, with some fields already filled out, saving you lots of time!

Currently, integration is not available with the Outlook Calendar, but we are working towards this in a future release.

Unfortunately, due to cloud incompatibility, IMAP and POP3 versions of Outlook are not currently supported by simPRO’s latest update. Keeping our regular updates cloud-based ensures that we can continue to offer bi-weekly updates with the same level of support to customers.

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