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May 25, 2017

Every software update brings new business opportunities

Customer Stories | 2 minute read

After joining Hawkins on Fire as Office Manager back in 2009, Eunice was tasked with managing office operations to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction and enable the business to grow.

Finding the right solution for a company to rely on for its day-to-day operations is one thing, but being responsible for a new management system’s implementation is another. Eunice grabbed the ball and ran with it.

The humble spreadsheet

Like many small businesses in the fire industry they were using elaborate spreadsheets to keep track of operations. It’s amazing what can be achieved with the humble spreadsheet. There comes a time, however, once the team on the road begins to grow, that you can only do so much with cells and formulas. Particularly when it comes to understanding who is where, how much is being made (or not) on each job, what materials are being used and so on and so on.

David found simPRO Enterprise after extensive research and visits to a number of fellow fire contractors. Together with Eunice it was decided it was the ideal fit to build the business. Eunice has been instrumental in learning the software, and has always pushed the limits to find a solution for every step of their process.

“My journey has been to employ great staff and enable them to do what they do as well and as efficiently as they can.” Dave Hawkins, Hawkins on Fire

Making the most of new features

It was encouraging to hear that with every simPRO update announcement, Dave asks each office staff member to find at least one new feature that can benefit their role in the business, from financial benefits to productivity in the office and in the field. This kind of proactivity makes them a shoe-in Journey-goer.

Dave invests significantly in staff training with simPRO on a regular basis which means he’s getting the most from his investment in the ultimate job management software. This training also includes the field technicians using Connect so they have ownership of the tweaking of their systems.

We’ll be back to visit Hawkins on Fire in the very near future for a more detailed look into their growth strategy.

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