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June 3, 2021

Enhancing customer relationship management with SyncEzy

Do you want to use the data gathered by simPRO to do more in your business? Perhaps you want to link simPRO to other software to reduce repetitive admin tasks. Or, maybe you want to expand your marketing capabilities. If this sounds like your business, simPRO third-party integrations can help!

To give our customers even more functionality, simPRO is proud to partner with a range of industry leading integrations and integration facilitators. These partners extend simPRO capabilities and enhance business workflows as our customers continue to grow.

Integrations helping data flow out of simPRO to extend the capabilities of job management software

One such integration partner is SyncEzy who specializes in creating deep integrations between simPRO and a range of business automation and task management apps. SyncEzy has been supporting simPRO customers to improve customer relationship management and streamline internal processes since their founding eight years ago.

Starting from one CRM integration, SyncEzy has grown into an industry leader creating 45 custom integrations. Founder Hari Iyer said SyncEzy now works with businesses throughout the world. These customers range in size from 10 to 200 employees and span a variety of industries.

“We work with a lot of simPRO customers who want to advance marketing and do more with simPRO using specific industry tools,” Hari siad.

“Businesses that are outwardly focused, that need to drum up sales from marketing and that are growing, typically come to us.”

SyncEzy helps customers integrate a range of software such as Mailchimp and TSheets and large enterprise systems like Salesforce and Sharepoint. They also create smaller custom integrations for businesses with their own ERP and click and point connections.

“In all our integrations, simPRO remains the single source of truth for the enterprise,” Hari said.

“We help push simPRO data into other areas of the business and help other apps work better with simPRO, eliminating duplication, double handling and admin work.”

One of those customers is JD Security.

Boosting customer relationship management capabilities

The challenge

JD Security is a leading integrator of security, video and access control systems. After growing rapidly, the company needed an easy to use customer relationship management software to work with simPRO to help manage sales, win leads and follow up on quotes.

Zoho integrates with simPRO to enhance customer relationship management

That’s when JD Security Owner and Director Paul Crawford discovered that the business could integrate Zoho with simPRO with the help of SyncEzy.

“I saw that we could push across into Zoho, the deals that we had setup, or the quotes that we had [in simPRO]. And then we would be able to track those and trigger automation off the back of that data,” he said.

“We also had information coming from the website and off the phones for new customers and I wanted a way for that to be able to be pushed across.”

The results

Thanks to the integration between simPRO and Zoho, the sales and marketing team at JD Security has more visibility to target and support their efforts. Even though the admin and field staff are the prominent users of simPRO in the business, the sales and marketing team can now see the quotes and sales data generated in simPRO through the integration with Zoho, without accessing simPRO directly. They can then use this information to help grow the business and enhance customer service.

“I think that the benefits are that I can now see all those quotes, who we’re selling to and what campaign brought them in,” Paul said.

JD Security with the help of SyncEzy furthered these capabilities, streamlining workflows and setting up triggers and automations for customers.

“The results are truly quite mind blowing, the level of efficiency that Hari is showing us that we can achieve” Paul said.

“The complexity you can have, the automation of emails going out to the customer, it’s extremely powerful.”

Are you looking for a way to expand the capabilities of simPRO? Take a look at our range of industry leading integration partners. Or, talk to SyncEzy today.

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