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April 18, 2019

BGE Digital secures more work by sending new job quotes faster

Product Spotlight | 4 minute read

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small or large quote, your ability to generate an accurate quote and get back to the client first is a major factor in securing work.

We spoke to BGE Digital about how simPRO has helped them go from earning £200,000 per year, to over £1,000,000 by focusing on getting quotes out quicker.

How is quoting faster with simPRO?

There are many ways in which simPRO can grant efficiencies in your workflow. By having all of your labour, material, overhead and plant item costs in one system, you can generate quotes with just a few clicks.

“We can probably put a quote out about ten times quicker than what we were doing from spreadsheets, just removing simple errors really, like adding stuff up wrong. I appreciate a spreadsheet can add up, but it's much easier to make a mistake on a spreadsheet than when you're working from an actual designed platform that does all of your costings and VAT.”

You can create pre-builds of regular install options so that when an urgent quote comes in, you can simply add the pre-build, which will include all associated costs and markups. This job quoting and estimating feature in simPRO is a handy tool to improve accuracy and speed of all job types.

Larger projects can be templated even further into take-offs, which include multiple pre-builds, so you can accurately quote large scale jobs with incredible speed.

Present your business professionally

A well presented job quote is already a plus in the eyes of customers. Save that bit of extra time not worrying about how the quote looks at the end because it's all pre-designed in simPRO. As long as businesses implement the correct templates at the start, they can save time in the long run with professional looking quotes, always.

simPRO job quote estimate form

With quote builder in simPRO, the quote form can look more bespoke and tailored to your business.

“You pick the quote up at the end, you can review it yourself, send it out, and you know every quote you send is always going to look the same. There is a lot of consistency throughout the software which is good.”

Let your customers book jobs themselves with the Customer Portal

BGE Digital caters to its regular customers by allowing them to sign in to their personal portal, book jobs at a time that suits them, and the job request will be automatically added into the simPRO build.

This gives the customers greater control whilst allowing BGE Digital to provide a higher level of service.

“You can give a customer access to their own portal which includes a list of their sites. And they can actually see where their jobs are, so they've got direct access. It's up to you as a business owner to give that access out, they don't have to have it, but some of the larger customers do like that. They're able to plan their workload around us being available to continue the installation works.”

customer portal simPRO

With simPRO’s Customer Portal, you also cut down on admin costs and secure revenue streams:

  • Customers spend less time calling the office for updates
  • Customers provide all the necessary info in their job booking through the system
  • They can also see outstanding invoices and make payments there and then

Quoting software’s impact on the bottom line

By drastically reducing its quoting time, BGE Digital has managed to increase profits and win so much more work for the company.

BGE Digital simPRO

“The speed that we can get quotes out now, actually allows us to probably win nearly double of the work. Including the smaller quotes that would take a lot longer just because they were more fiddly. Whereas, we're working out of a single location with all of the catalogue items in one place, and we're able to put even larger quotes out, just as quick as smaller ones. So, it's helped us grow massively. £200,000 pounds to over a million after the implementation, within about 15 months. So, it's gone massively quick. Scarily quick actually”

One of the main issues simPRO clients face was how much money they were losing by not being able to quote accurately from the first point of contact with their customers:

  • Materials can be wasted or not applied to the quote
  • Overheads and time spent on the job can be inaccurate
  • Having to invoice before the job information is back in the office

“It's much more difficult now to actually forget to say, add a battery to an alarm panel. As obvious as that sounds, when you're trying to do a quote with 500 parts in it, originally before having simPRO, we would miss parts, and basically lose money on parts that we forgot to put on a quote.”

About simPRO

Our job quoting and estimating software feature is part of simPRO, an end-to-end business management solution. To find out more about how streamlining the quoting process can benefit your field service business, request a demo of simPRO today.

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