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December 9, 2019

2019 Year In Review: Key Product Releases from simPRO

Announcements | 3 minute read

2019 has been a great year at simPRO. With two new modules for simPRO Mobile, and over 140 features and enhancements added to our office and field software, we've certainly been busy!

We've continued to release solutions throughout 2019 that streamline and strengthen both office and field workflows, as well as improve business oversight and monitoring.

With 2020 on your doorstep, now is a great time to take a look at what we have released in 2019. This will help you identify the new tools or features that will help you improve your operations management in the new year.

simPRO Mobile Module Releases

simPRO Mobile feature illustration

2019 saw not just one, but two (!) new modules released for our innovative simPRO Mobile solution.

Designed to streamline the communication of important job and project information and maximise time in the field, simPRO Mobile is a cornerstone business application for our users.

The release of the Timesheets module at the start of the year meant that simPRO Mobile also became a key tool for ensuring accuracy and consistency in timesheets. It made for easier and more succinct timesheet management and enabled better reporting on staff hours.

Off the back of the Timesheets module came the Service module - one of our biggest and most exciting releases of 2019.

The functionality offered by the Service module is unmatched. It caters to a considerable range of in-the-field workflows, stopping just short of doing the manual labour for field staff!

With real-time sync between office and field, live schedule updates, job details and full service history, the Service module empowers field staff to deliver exceptional customer service.

To learn more about these simPRO Mobile releases, click here.

New Integrations with simPRO

simPRO integrations feature illustration

In addition to the expansion of the simPRO Mobile product, simPRO also welcomed a number of partners to their suite of integrations, including Square Payments.

With faster payment, easy setup and powerful hardware, Square offers simPRO users some of the best functionality for taking and receiving payment from customers.

This integration introduced new levels of efficiency to taking payments with simPRO, and gave our users the opportunity to optimise their in the field workflows ever further - exciting!

To learn more about the Square Payments integration, click here.

We also introduced our integration with Zapier this year, the ultimate tool to get your different software solutions talking.

With Zapier, our users can connect their simPRO build to over 1,500 external apps to automate even more time-consuming and repetitive tasks, while eliminating the errors that double handling data can cause.

To learn more about the Zapier integration, click here.

BI Reporting

simPRO BI Reporting feature illustration

simPRO as business software is designed to grow with your enterprise. As such, we knew we needed a tool that would enable our customers to get more from their business data.

We released the BI Reporting tool for those users who are familiar with business analytics and SQL. It is an exciting advancement for those looking to do even more business reporting because of its unique and flexible functionality.

Included with a simPRO licence, BI Reporting enables our users to:

  • Question, filter and group their simPRO data to uncover deeper connections in their business operations.
  • Visualise data with graphs and charts.
  • Design business intelligence dashboards to collaborate, organise and share learnings with other members of their team.

To learn more about BI Reporting, click here.

These releases were just the tip of the iceberg for simPRO in 2019.

There was a range of different features and enhancements added to simPRO as well as other new tools introduced to our users. Check them out below to learn more.

Gmail Integration

Custom Mobile Statuses

Two-Factor Authentication

Form Builder Update

Gantt Charts

Report Builder Update

Asset maintenance update

Outlook Calendar Integration

Data Feed Update

Project management update

Stock management update

simPRO Mobile Update

Ideas Portal Inspired Features

Contractor Invoices and Work Order Attachments

simPRO Mobile: Invoicing and Payments feature

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