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May 3, 2019

Latest simPRO Release: Turning the simPRO community’s ideas into reality

Product Update | 4 minute read

The simPRO Ideas Portal is the place where you can make, and vote on, suggestions for new features and improvements. The latest release, rolling out from May 5, is turning a number of the community’s ideas into reality.

The list of features in this release includes:

Thank you to our simPRO community members for driving these innovations. Please keep sharing your ideas and support for the suggestions made by other members of the simPRO community. Because simPRO is your tool and you have a say in what we develop. If you are interested in learning more about the Ideas Portal, please click here to visit the simPRO Helpguide.

Discover everything you need to know about the latest release in the video and blog below.

Time-savers for managing Customer Assets

There are three changes to Customer Assets in the latest release. They will enhance your workflows related to maintaining equipment you have installed at customer sites.

Add Asset Transfer History on the View Asset page

The first change to Customer Assets streamlines asset maintenance services to multi-site customers. A new Asset Transfer History section on the asset screen makes it easier to track asset movements between customer sites.

Bulk add service levels to multiple customer assets

If you maintain large volumes of customer assets, updating service levels one-by-one can take a lot of time. But you can now update the service level status for multiple assets in bulk*.

User can also access a new option to add a service level to an individual asset. This is available from the Options menu on the asset.

*Requires Maintenance Planner add-on.

Merge Assets

This week's release looks at how simPRO handles duplicate Customer Assets. Despite the best intentions and adherence to process by your staff, accidental duplication can happen. When it does, it can make it hard for your business to track or report on the service history for an asset.

Now, simPRO users can merge duplicate assets and keep all asset history for both. This includes test results, failure points and test readings. And, after merging the assets, simPRO archives the original asset.

Job WIP Report costs since last invoice

The simPRO Job WIP report shows jobs not invoiced in full, or archived, up to and including a specified date. It’s a useful report for project managers who need to monitor ongoing project jobs.

This release provides an option to include a column called “Cost Since Last Invoice”. This will show the amount of actual costs accrued against a project since the last invoice, excluding committed costs.

The values in the column will reset when you invoice.

A Negative Values filter can also now be applied to the Job WIP Report to only show jobs where total costs exceed total invoice values at the specific report date.

Custom Mobile Statuses

Earlier in 2019, we introduced custom mobile statuses to strengthen workflows for field technicians. The flexibility of the custom mobile statuses is enhanced by this release.

Users with security group access to setup mobile statuses can now delete the Rejected status. This will prevent the Rejected status from appearing in the Connect app for field technicians.

Additionally, mobile status changes can now trigger a job to move to the Pending stage.

Improvements and Enhancements

With every release, there are slight improvements in addition to the main features. But they do offer a number of benefits to simPRO users.

There are seven such improvements and enhancements this time around. Below is a selection:

* We've improved the look of the finish actions after you click Save and Finish in the customer and contractor portals.

* When sending an invoice, the customer’s default method wasn’t showing up, so you had to go into their card file to find it. The default method now shows, saving you time when sending forms.

You can read the outline of the remaining five enhancements made in the dedicated release notes in our helpguide. You can find this by clicking here.

For more information, head over to our release notes for the full breakdown of this update.

With new features being released regularly, make sure you stay up to date with the latest simPRO news by following us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or keep an eye on the blog.

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