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October 4, 2019

simPRO Update: Vendor quote imports and Middy’s automation

Announcements | 2 minute read

The first simPRO update for Q4 2019 will roll out from October 6. The update reduces the time you spend adding vendor quote pricing, catalogs and invoices into simPRO.

Import vendor quotes

It is now faster to add vendor pricing to customer quotes and jobs. The new feature is based on a popular request in the simPRO customer Ideas Portal and removes the need to manually update the price of items on accepted vendor quotes.

Import vendor quotes process graphic

The process for creating a vendor quote remains the same. But when the time comes to email the request, vendors will now receive a standard formatted CSV file, along with a PDF, to complete and return. Copies of these files can be attached to the Vendor Quote Attachments so they are easy to find later on.

When the updated file is returned, staff can quickly and easily apply the quoted pricing against the vendor quote via a CSV import. They also have the option to associate the vendor with the catalog items that were featured on the quote.

The pricing shown will be the trade price, so that any one-off discounts provided on the quote are not inadvertently used elsewhere.

Automating Catalog and Vendor Invoices for Middy’s Data & Electrical

Available within Australia only

Middy’s Data & Electrical customers can now access automatic synchronisation for catalogs and automatic imports for vendor invoices. The change will reduce the time spent on manual imports, and reduce mistakes from data entry.

These automation features have been developed for a number of vendors across Australia and New Zealand in 2019, and simPRO continues to work on adding more to the list. If you have a suggestion for a vendor you would like included, please let us know in the simPRO Customer Ideas Portal.

What else is new in simPRO?

With every release, there are slight improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for 19.4.1 in our Help Guide.

With new features being released regularly, make sure you stay up to date with the latest simPRO news by following us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or keep an eye on the blog.

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