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February 12, 2020

simPRO’s new Masterclasses are: changing the way you learn

Are you ready to find out how we are helping you level-up your learning? simPRO's new approach is designed to make upskilling more accessible for you and your team.

Check out the breakdown of our exciting new Masterclass events below, and find out how you can get your hands on some tickets.

simPRO's Masterclass events are: accessible online and in-person

If you are a simPRO user who enjoys a blend of learning and networking, then you'll love our Masterclass Meetups!

These live events are hosted in various locations throughout the United States. They are led by a simPRO Implementation Consultant and offer group-learning on a predetermined topic, like a specific simPRO workflow or a new solution.

For those who are located in an area our Masterclass Meetups can't reach (yet!), we have the Masterclass Webinars. These online events offer a similar level of simPRO expertise and learning to the Meetups, but on a slightly lesser scale.

Members of our simPRO Learning team will host the webinars, taking viewers through the selected simPRO topics, and then answer questions from viewers at the end of the presentation.

simPRO's Masterclass events are: interactive

While the topics of the Masterclass Meetups will be predetermined, the group-learning atmosphere invites questions from the audience at any point.

This level of interactivity helps give context to what the presenter is demonstrating and maximises the learning potential from the Masterclass Meetups. It is also why we encourage attendees to bring their laptops or iPads to follow along with the presenter!

Viewers of our Masterclass Webinars will have a similar level of interactivity - viewers can ask questions via a live chat!

simPRO's Masterclass events are: for ANY simPRO user

All simPRO users stand to benefit from these exciting new learning opportunities, no matter what their existing knowledge of simPRO is. As our product is constantly evolving, there is always a new opportunity for learning.

Plus, our Implementation Consultants are highly experienced. So, if they're not showing you a new feature or tool, then they're taking your pre-existing simPRO workflows to new levels of efficiency.

simPRO's Masterclass events are: available now!

You can learn all about the simPRO Masterclass events on our website, simply click here to be redirected and find a Masterclass event best suited to you!

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