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August 28, 2019

The simPRO and Taxify Integration Simplifies Sales Tax Calculation for Field Service Businesses

Integrations | 1 minute read

This press release was issued on Business Wire on August 28, 2019.

simPRO, a leading field service management software company, has released an integration with the cloud-based sales tax platform, Taxify. This helpful integration will simplify sales tax calculations for simPRO users in the United States.

Now, simPRO customers can receive an automated calculation of sales tax based on location and type of goods, which can then be applied to quotes or jobs. This integration both increases accuracy and saves time.

Without this integration, simPRO customers need to determine multiple county, state, and federal sales tax rates and manually apply these rates with the risk of creating inaccurate quotes.

“We understand how frustrating it can be for businesses to stay compliant with sales tax. With this integration, we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to calculate sales tax,” says Glenn Nott, President of simPRO US.

The simPRO Taxify integration eliminates the need to create extensive tax rate lists. Now, sales tax rates in simPRO are automatically updated with the most recent tax information across the entirety of the United States. Once a customer’s simPRO build is set up for the integration, the customer will need to specify default taxability codes. Moving forward, all items will be linked to that default tax rate when building jobs and quotes.

simPRO has created an umbrella account with Taxify to provide this sales tax calculator integration as a free service for simPRO users. Customers can register to use the Taxify integration and will be added under the simPRO account, or customers can connect their existing Taxify account to their simPRO build.

For additional information regarding how to get started with the Taxify integration, visit the simPRO & Taxify integrations page.

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