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June 9, 2022

simPRO Mobile Updates

Bridget Ryan

Author: Bridget Ryan

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Do you feel the need to refocus and take tasks one step at a time after an already busy year? We have been hard at work in the background developing new features that you have requested and been waiting for. These updates will help you streamline your workflows and improve efficiency in the field. There are so many exciting features in development we can’t wait to share with you!

This feature spotlight touches on:

1. Single Quote Job View for Technicians

simPRO Mobile App single Job View also known as Drip Feed

Ideas PortalIntroducing the single quote job view for technicians, also known as Drip Feed. This was a highly requested feature in the ideas portal.

This feature allows technicians to view one job or quote at a time instead of their entire scheduled workload for the day. Once they have completed a quote or job, the next quote or job will become visible. This allows staff to focus on a specific task at hand instead of feeling overwhelmed or distracted by other upcoming tasks. There are also several features that users can disable as needed. Learn more on the new Drip Feed setting in the Help Guide.

2. Security Groups

simPRO Mobile App Security Groups FeaturePreviously, the simPRO Mobile App had general security settings that were all-encompassing for all simPRO Mobile users and could not be customized for individual technicians and employees. Now users can create security groups the same as they would in the desktop version of simPRO. They can also assign these security groups to technicians and have more control of what a specific user is able to see and do in the simPRO mobile app.

For example, your service team might not need to create quotes, and you might not want apprentices to have access to invoicing or emailing the job card to the customer. Visit the Help Guide for the details on the required setup, which should happen when you first set up a new simPRO Mobile user.

3. Service Module Updates

Create tasks

Field users can now easily and quickly create tasks in simPRO Mobile app from within a job or quote in the Service Module! They can also assign tasks to any employee and check the status of tasks. Then the tasks are automatically sent to simPRO, and users can toggle or use the process slider to change the task's status or close the task. Learn more in the Help Guide.

Disable purchase orders

Previously your technicians could access, update and create purchase orders within jobs if they had access to the Service module. With this latest update, you can disable purchase orders in the Service module in addition to disabling the Stock module. This prevents technicians from accessing or creating purchase orders in the field. Learn more in Service Settings or the Help Guide here.

Edit quote and job descriptions

You can now edit quote/job descriptions and notes at the overview level in the Service Module to ensure important information is up-to-date in the field. Read more about it in the Help Guide. You can also add due dates in the Service Module without needing a user license for simPRO. This prevents you from unintentionally losing a signature captured in the Service Module, as a confirmation pop-up will appear if you try to go back in the workflow.

4. Asset Module Updates

Numeric fields in Assets and Tests

When entering values into a numeric field when conducting asset tests or creating and editing asset custom fields and tests, a numeric keyboard will appear. This prevents users from entering non-numeric values by accident and reduces human error.

Confirmation before passing all untested assets

You can now ensure you are passing the correct assets with the newly added confirmation window that appears when you click ‘Pass All Untested Assets’,. This helps reduce false positives!

5. Other Important Updates in simPRO

Here are some of the other top new updates across simPRO!

Add site attachments

Technicians can now upload attachments on to sites in the Service and Timesheet modules, making the workflows more efficient. Users can also add multiple images from their gallery or take a photo in the app, and quickly name or rename an attachment to easily identify it at a glance. Administrators can choose to make attachments public or private. Discover more in this Help Guide article on how to manage scheduled jobs.

Form Build Templates for Quotes

Users can select customized form build templates when sending a quote to ensure consistent business documentation and branding.

Access to a quote or job with multiple people

If your work failed to submit because someone else was accessing the quote or job, simPRO Mobile will now not automatically try to resubmit work each time it refreshes.

Reporting Updates

View any week from the Times Report on the Times page in the simPRO mobile app! Learn more about how to manage Times in the Help Guide.

Accessing existing invoices

Easily access an invoice that has already been created for a job and apply payments while in the field. Read the Help Guide for more on how to complete a scheduled job.

Update cost center totals

Users in the field now have more control over pricing. You can apply different tax rates, adjust totals and apply discounts to individual cost centers.

Add catalog items to purchase orders

Access the entire catalog and add items to purchase orders in the field without the help of office staff. Check out more on how to create purchase orders in simPRO Mobile.

6. Mobile Updates

Make the switch from Connect to simPRO Mobile todayMake the switch from Connect to simPRO Mobile today!

It’s time to move to the new generation of mobile field service management. simPRO Mobile is ready, complete with everything you need to improve customer service and easily run your business in the field. We’ve listened to your feedback and implemented all of the most important features you suggested to make simPRO Mobile app work for your business.

Learn more about making the switch from Connect to simPRO mobile, here.

Ready To Learn More?

We’re here to help you get the most out of simPRO and simPRO Mobile.

The Learning Toolbox is a FREE online training platform for all simPRO clients and their staff. The materials are interactive, self-paced and can be used to help upskill staff on simPRO Mobile. Start learning today on the simPRO Learning Toolbox.

The Help Guide

The Help Guide includes articles and videos on workflows for simPRO Mobile. You can access the Help Guide here, or navigate to it from anywhere in simPRO.

On-site and Online Training

If you’re looking for additional assistance on simPRO Mobile, simPRO’s Implementation Consultants can provide on-site and online training for your team. You can access training by contacting support.

Finally, don’t forget to download the latest simPRO Mobile update from Google Play or the Apple App Store today!

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