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June 30, 2021

You can now quote in simPRO Mobile’s Service Module: Quarterly Release Roundup

Product Update | 4 minute read

To help you keep up-to-date with everything that’s been happening with simPRO Mobile, we’ve compiled a list of this quarter's enhancements, including the arrival of Quoting in the Service Module.

June: Streamline field service quoting

For a large number of simPRO Mobile users, the Service Module is where they carry out most of their daily tasks. By introducing quoting functionality to this section of the app, field staff can make sales in the field without relearning new processes.

View the full video on the Help Guide.

Empower field staff to close more sales

A distinct advantage of having quotes in the Service module is that users can find all available open and progress quotes, not just those they are assigned to. This allows field staff to maximize their contribution to field service sales revenue by completing quotes when they have scheduling availability.

Quotes opened from the list of scheduled work in the Service module, will stay in the Service module. This means that staff who do not use the Quote and Service module, can still work with quotes.

Add photos to enhance communication

Photos can help both your customer and staff understand key details of a quote. By using the Service module, field staff can add attachments to Quotes and edit the file name to ensure the contents of the photo can be readily identified.

Build powerful quotes

Cost centers are an effective way to separate operational costs in simPRO. From the Service module, staff can add or edit cost centers on a quote. Staff are then able to select from pre-builds, catalog, stock, labor and one-off items to populate the inclusions for each cost center.

Track the time spent on quotes

Do you want to account for the time your staff are spending on quotes? Through the Service Module field staff can use the Start Travel, Start Work and Pause Work time keeping options used for Jobs.

Maintain safety and processes with audits

Adhering to safety and other processes may still be needed in some quoting scenarios. Quotes in the Service module can be configured to display optional pre and post audits.

May: Change the way you view your work

Sometimes you need to see the bigger picture of all your field service work. And simPRO Mobile’s Find a Job feature now allows you to filter for jobs within a specific date range and zone to help you see that bigger picture.

Illustration showing a group of tools going into a funnel and only a hammer and cogs coming out

Use date range filters to never miss a thing

Do you have a busy schedule? Never miss a thing with simPRO Mobile’s date range filters to see a list of overdue, due and upcoming assigned jobs.

The date range filter is also useful if you have jobs that run over multiple days. Your field staff need to see these jobs before the date they have to be completed. With this filter, they can view upcoming assigned jobs and start the work with enough time to complete it prior to the due date.

Use zone filters to find nearby jobs

Do you want your field staff to pick up extra jobs based on their location? The zones filter makes this easy! Simply assign multiple staff to a job, then they can apply a zone filter in simPRO Mobile to find nearby work.

April: Add and edit time blocks for others

Accurate timekeeping is essential to maintaining meaningful reports. So how do you track time for plant items, or workers that don’t have access to simPRO Mobile?

Easy! simPRO Mobile app users can now add time blocks for other field staff, contractors and plant items from the Service or Timesheet modules. With live updates back to the office, your timekeeping can be accurate for all facets of your business.

Need guidance with these improvements?

We’re here to help you get the most out of simPRO Mobile, including all of our new features and improvements.

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